How To Make A Hidden Spy Camera At Home

Mirikkah Alvarado

by Mirikkah Alvarado

How to make a hidden spy camera

Do you know how to make a hidden spy camera?

It’s easier than you think.

You can build your own hidden camera to save money from old cell phone and household items.

Let’s make a covert surveillance device for monitoring your home.

Make a Hidden Security Camera from Old Cell Phone

It is easy to make a small spy camera from scratch by reusing your old mobile phone camera.

So you may ask, how is it possible to create a hidden cctv camera with a mobile camera? Turning iPhone, Android phones into hidden cameras can be easier than you thought.

With these systematic methods, you are good to go.

  •  Old Cell Phone

old smartphone


First, you need an old or unused iPhone or Android phone with internet capability. Once you decide to use a phone as a wireless spy camera, you can’t use it for other purposes while filming.

  • Charger for Power Supply

You also need a phone charger for a constant supply of power, because filming uses a lot of energy.

  • Installing Smart App

Now, it is time to install spy cam app on the phone. You can get a free app including “Salient Eye” from Google Play Store if you are using an android.

iPhone users can also install a suitable app like “Manythings” from the App Store.

Another option is the "Alfred App" one of the best hidden spy camera apps, which works on both iOS and Android.

best hidden spy camera app - alfred

Image credit: lifewire - Alfred Home Security Camera

  • Connect with your computer

Once you’ve downloaded the app, connect your phone to your computer using a wireless network. Connect the two devices using the same wireless network.

It is always important to secure your network to prevent others from having access to your footages.

  • Getting Remote Access

By using a streaming capable video player, you should be able to record and watch the footages remotely. So you can use Windows Media Player or VLC for such purpose.

In case you choose to use VLC, you can get remote access by clicking on the "Open Network Stream" on the "Media" menu.

You then enter the URL of the webcam app you installed and save. You can now have the option to connect to the phone’s cam.

  • Positioning the cam

After getting the do it yourself spy camera kit done, positioning it becomes very important. While placing it at a vantage area, remember it needs to be concealed.

Just place it at wherever you want to monitor but in a discreet manner. However, make sure that your camera lens is pointing at the intended area. This will ensure a high-quality video recording.

Caution: You are free to install hidden cams wherever you find appropriate, however, be mindful of what you record. Don’t try to record people’s nudity by installing hd spy camera in their bedroom.

Such acts can result in criminal charges when discovered.​​​​​

Make a Spy Camera with Household Items

You can always hide your mini spy camera in a household item to make it undetectable. You can place it in a speaker box, an old radio set, cardboard, tissue box, and a teddy bear, etc.

How to Make a Spy Cam from Scratch

You should following these steps.

  • Acquiring a Webcam

To make a secret camera out of household items, you first need to purchase a webcam.

  • Take off the cover

You need to make your hidden cam small enough to prevent detection. Therefore, you have to remove the outer shell of the purchased webcam.

The circuit board with the lens is all you need to plant a hidden cam.

Household Items to Make a Hidden Cam

Here are some suitable household items to conceal a spy cam.

1. Teddy Bear

Your teddy bear can make a great spy gadget. All you need is the webcam, computer, and the teddy bear.

  • First collect the lens and circuit board from the webcam
  • Remove one of the eyes of the teddy bear by cutting the opening at the back.
  • Replace the removed eye with the lens
  • Hide the teddy bear at the area you want to monitor and connect to your computer.

2. Speaker Box

It is much easier to make a hidden cam with a speaker box without it being detected.

  • Make a small hole as the size of a camera lens in the speaker box.
  • Fix the lens in the hole made in the speaker box and glue it, so it doesn’t fall.
  • Connect the installed spy cam to your computer and position it at where you want to monitor.

3. Old Radio set

If you have an old radio set, it can make a great homemade hidden cam.

  • Get the old radio set and remove the speaker from it.
  • Make a tiny hole at the speaker area and fix your camera lens.
  • Once this is done, connect the cam to your computer and start monitoring.

4. Electric Pencil Sharpener

  • If you want to use an old electric sharpener, first open it up by removing the screws.
  • Remove the motor and every wire from it.
  • Now make a tiny hole in sharpener and glue the lens of the cam in there.
  • You can now connect the device to your computer and your spy gadget is ready.

You can follow the above instructions to install a surveillance cam in any household gadget you find appropriate.


How does Alfred App Work?

Alfred app can be installed on both iPhone and Android phones. It is free to use and once installed; it can give you remote access to your spy gadgets.

Alfred also affords you free cloud storage and a two-way audio feed. You can have access to additional features including higher-resolution on views and ad removal. However, you would have to pay for that.