How to Install Hidden Camera in Your House

Mirikkah Alvarado

by Mirikkah Alvarado

how to install hidden camera in Wall and TV

You want to observe what’s going on when you are away from home.

Or maybe your partner is cheating on you and you want to catch him/her red-handed.

Whatever the case, it is now possible to spy on others without their knowing.

How? Use hidden security cameras. But don't you know the ways?

We'll show you how to install a hidden camera in home.

Setting up a hidden cam in wall, TV and other places in your home is so easy, affordable and quickly.

Let’s go into detail.

Best Places to Hide in Home

First, you need to pick the perfect place to hide your wireless hidden camera in home. Figure out where you want to install the camera – is it your bedroom, your kids’ play area, or every room in your house?

You need to pick a spot that offers a direct line of sight, a wide angle of the entire space. The spots that play perfect camouflage for a hidden camera are objects in wall:

  • Mirror
  • Wall clock
  • Curtain Rod
  • Painting
  • Smoke detector
  • Different home appliances

With the advancement in technology, hidden surveillance cameras are getting smaller and smaller. There are different types of wireless spy cameras available for installing in wall. For example, you can find:

  • Light switch hidden cam
  • Wall mounted hidden cam
  • Wall socket hidden cam
  • Screw Head Mini Hidden Spy Camera
  • Ceiling speaker hidden camera, and many more in the market

These hidden cameras are extremely tiny that hiding them is very easy. All you need to do is find perfect spots that can comfortably accommodate these small cams.

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How to Install Hidden Camera in Wall

Guidelines Before Installing

1. Do you want to record sound as well?

If this is the case, then picking an undetectable spot becomes a bit tricky. If you are trying to record clear, undistorted sound, you need to find a spot that’s suitable for audio recording.

  • If you are installing the camera in your living room that has a TV and complete home theatre system, install it as far as from the equipment to avoid any distortion in the sound.
  • You can hide the cam on a chair or a couch.

2. Wireless hidden camera or wired

This is another factor you need to consider. Wireless hidden cameras are preferred the most these days, as they are easy to hide and install. For wired cameras, you need to provide an external power supply.

  • Look for a place that is near a wall socket. But hiding the wire is the real challenge. You need to disguise the wire as some home decorative item. You can use artificial flowers and ribbons to do so.
  • For wireless spy cams, some have internal storage that records and store the video to be reviewed later, while some live stream the whole scenario through WiFi. You can use both the features. You need to set up your home’s WiFi network appropriately so that live streaming and recording remains uninterrupted.
  • You can opt for a nanny camera if you want to spy on the nanny looking after your toddler. Nanny cam models are wireless and are easy to hide.

When installing the spy cam in plain sight, you need to make sure that it is installed either below or above average eye level to prevent attracting any attention

  • To test whether you have hidden the cam correctly, ask a trusted member from your family to look for the one you have installed. If he/she isn’t able to find it, it is a success.
  • You can hide the cam under any furniture, or inside an air vent. Moreover, there are cam models that resemble smoke alarms. It is the best way to hide a cam.

The Ways to Hide in Wall Objects

• Curtain Rod

Curtain Rods are placed at least 10 feet from the surface, which makes them the perfect hiding spot. You can mount the cam on top of the rod.

If you can manage to find a secret camera with motion detection that can use the curtain rod as a camouflage, it’s perfect. You can perfectly spy on anyone in the room.

There is self-attaching camera as well that come with clips. You can use one of those to attach it on the curtain fabric.

• Mirror

Invest in a two-sided mirror and place a small spy cam there. There are mirrors that come with pre-installed hidden cams as well.

Mirror is the best way to hide a spy camera on the wall. You are advised to buy a mirror with covert cam. It will save you all the hassle.

Use professional help if you want to hide a cam behind two-sided mirror yourself. This is because most people end up exposing the cam.

• Wall Clock

This is the most preferred hiding spot for spy cam as it offers a wide angle. If you put a clock on the wall that has an in-built camera in it, it will not look suspicious at all.

There are plenty of spy wall-clocks available. It works 100%; there are no elements of disturbance that can compromise your surveillance and you can live stream as well.

It does both job – tells what time it is and keeps an eye on people. So, a wall clock is your good nanny camera hiding option.

• Light Switch

This may require drilling a small hole near the light switch. But if you are investing in a tiny camera, this is the best way to utilize it.

However, if you don’t want to go through all the hassle, there are light switch hidden cams you can invest in. They look like real light switches but works as hidden cams.

They are easy to install and offers perfect home security.

• Wall Mounted Hidden Cam

There are plenty of wall-mounted hidden cams available. For example, a wall mounted air purifier hidden camera is the best when it comes to flawless spying.

Or you can also hide a mini cam inside a wall-mounted air purifier.

There is also a type of wall mounted spy cam hook coat for hanging clothes. It's really suitable to put it on the wall of the bathroom, bedroom etc but doesn't cause any suspicion.

• Wall Socket

Wall outlet hidden camera

Wall outlet Hidden Camera

A wall outlet can easily accommodate a pinhole camera. This is where to hide and spy discreetly. To ensure that your pinhole cam is securely hidden, you can use double switch plate.

• Screw Head Mini Hidden Spy Camera

It look like a screw so you can easily disguise. Installing it is a piece of cake. Simply remove a crew from any of your devices hanging on the wall and replace it with this.

• Painting

Installing tiny cam inside the painting or on the frame is quite easy. You can put the painting on front of a wall that offers a wide angle of the entire room.

Install Hidden Cams in Electronic Devices

Some electronic devices play the perfect hiding spot for surveillance cams.

#1 How to Install Hidden Camera In TV

• In Old Television Set

There are cams with the shape and size of screws available. You need to find the right screw camera and replace any one screw from your TV with it.

Moreover, if your TV set has more spare room inside, you can easily install the miniature spy camera in it.

• LED TV/Flat Screen

Television may be an ideal spot, but you may lack the knowledge. Installing secret cams in television is not easy because there is interference that can affect the video recording capability of a cam. 

Moreover, the Television sets these days are flat screen, hiding a camera is extremely difficult.

Thus, you need to call a professional whose expertise is in such jobs. There are plenty of home security and surveillance providers who are happy to help you.

• TV Antenna

indoor antenna wired hidden spy camera

A Indoor Antenna with a high quality mini camera hidden inside

Replace your old antenna with an indoor antenna wired hidden spy camera having a miniature cam installed. These TV antennas cum surveillance cams are fully functional and easily available online.

#2 Smoke Detector

A smoke detector is probably thing on the ceiling or wall that nobody will notice. There are pre-made spy cams in smoke detectors. Else, you can manually set up a small wireless camera inside the smoke detector. The best part, you can do it in your office as well.

#3 Ceiling Speaker

Just like you did with the smoke detector, simply put a mini wifi camera inside the ceiling speaker. But as usual, with technological advancement, there are ceiling speakers that come with pre-installed covert cam. You can invest in any of those.


1. Is it illegal to put a cam in someone’s house?

Using concealed cameras in your home premise is entirely legal. However, if you are recording for nefarious purposes, it can be illegal. Moreover, it is completely illegal to hide security cams in your workplace. You could go to jail if you are caught spying on your boss or co-worker.

2. Do flat-screen TVs have cams in them?

Many modern television sets are equipped with a microphone that allows for voice control. Moreover, some of the flat screen TVs have cams enabled that are recording the images of users. These are the smart TVs, and if you own one of these, you may be under surveillance.