How to Spot a Nanny Cam

Mirikkah Alvarado

by Mirikkah Alvarado

how to spot a nanny cam

In the modern era, your activities can get monitored anytime without your knowledge. The person recording your activities in their home doesn’t have to inform you about it.

Since, using nanny cams at home is legal, homeowners need not tell you the truth of having​ nanny cameras placed.

If you want to know whether you’re being spied on, you can check out different methods to know how to find and spot a nanny cam.

Let's go into details.

What do nanny cameras look like

Before detecting nanny cameras you need to know what they look like. Nanny cams are small hidden cameras used for recording which can be implemented in any nook and corner of the house.

They are also known as hidden house cam as they work best at home & helps being your third eye. 

These devices can be built in or attached to any household object like phone chargers, sockets etc. or even to smoke detectors. This makes sure that no one suspects their activities being secretly recorded.

How to find a nanny cam

The parents who feels perturbed about their kids in their absence consider installing nanny cams at their home. Considering the small size, nanny cams make a great way of keeping an eye on their kids.

If you hire a babysitter & wish not to inform them about nanny cams, then it is perfectly fine! It is legal if you install cameras for your kid’s safety without confiding in anyone!

But imagine yourself as a babysitter. You might wonder if you are being spied on. What would you do to know if there is a nanny cam installed?

In order to search for nanny cams, you just have to search the common places where cameras can be installed.

Possible places to hide a nanny cam

In the first place, you must discover potential hiding places which are easily traceable. For example, you can start checking for small nanny cams in the baby’s room or living room where you spend most of the time with the baby.

Another option can be toys of the kids! Such nanny cams can be hidden in stuffed animals & teddy bears etc. to name a few.

You must also check objects that remain stationary like alarm clocks, study tables, bookshelf or fixed wardrobe for presence of living room cam.

If you have a sharp eye, then you will also notice any new additions in the room which can have a camera installed in it.

These are the most common hiding places where a nanny cam can be installed.

Detect nanny cameras' light

Since nanny cam is an electronic device, what should come into your mind while searching for them is lights! Every electronic device has power light in it to show where it is red or green which shows ON or OFF respectively!

How will you do this in the presence of the kid? You can engage him/her in your story game while turning off the lights & exploring areas where the cam can be!

You can search for small or blinking lights in the potential hidden places or animal toys or even secret places. If you find one, you have successfully spotted the nanny cam in that room.

There might be more than one nanny cam in the room hence, you should be very quick in searching. If you fail to detect nanny cams you can try for the next step.

Find wires and cables

As light is a component of an electronic device so as cable is! So next clue is the cables which you must look for! Nanny cams do require external power for switching it ON!

How will you search for cables in the rooms? You can check the baby's room as well as living room while you are cleaning. This will allow you to search in every corner of the room.

If you find any object connected to a cable, you must check whether it is connected to power supply. If this is the case, then surely a nanny cam is placed in that object.

Most of the times, the object can be kid’s toys or single door wardrobe where it is easy to hide such cams.

But if you don’t find any cable that will not indicate that there is no nanny cam hidden, there are cameras which are wireless & are operated on batteries.

In this case, you must be smart to spot any object which is shifted, or their place is changed frequently. This can be due to charging or changing of batteries by the owner. So be careful while spotting nanny cams by this step.

RF signal detector

If you fail to detect nanny cams by any of these methods, you can try for Radio frequency signal detector which is the most efficient nanny cam detector & is the fastest method of detecting any electronic device. RF signal detectors acts as a hidden camera scanner.

If the nanny cam is wireless camera, you can opt for Radio Frequency detector as such cams transmits signals using radio frequency. Since RF detector works for lower area range, you must move the detector at every corner of the room to detect the signals.

You can install Signal Detector app (available for Android) on your smartphone and use smartphone to search for spy cams.

In addition, there is specialized devices such as Eilimy Anti-spy Wireless RF Signal Detector Set that is very usefull to detect the spy cams around you.

If you don’t detect any signals, you can be assured that there is no hidden babysitter cam installed in the house.

Camera lens detection using smartphone app

Nanny cam finder apps are available (such as Glint Finder - free app on Android), which can be used for locator reducing the physical efforts of searching the nanny cam.

The app detects the camera lens of any kind of security cameras either small or large.

This is the best & easiest solution where cell phones can detect hidden cameras using the latest technology build in a software.

If you hear a small beep sound, it is sure that the app has detected a camera lens & there is a nanny cam present in the nanny room.

Hidden Camera Detector is also an app on iOS that help you scan any camera lens automatically. 

Nanny cam legal

Should You Tell a babysitter About a Nanny Camera?

There can be two possible ways in evaluating your decision of whether you should tell the caregiver about the nanny cam which you have installed or not at your home.

Firstly, you can take your caregiver or nanny into confidence & let them know about the installed nanny cam!

Secondly, you can avoid telling them about the nanny cam for certain reasons.

Let us check what impact will it have on both the decisions!

Revealing your secrets

Nanny cams are the best source for revealing the evidence of any abuse, negligence by caregivers or babysitters. Many parents believe in not letting the nanny know if the cams are installed but it works either way! Informing them has many advantages too!

Babysitters will know that they are being watched hence, there won’t be any case of abuse or harm etc. Nannies will spend most of their time caring for babies and will provide all the things whatever the kid asks for! Ex – Toys, food etc. As per legal regulations, nanny cams cannot be installed in private areas (for ex: lavatories) which can be a good point if you tell them about nanny cams.

Installing nanny cams may make babysitter think that her caring is doubted by the owners. It should be made very clear by the owner that the cam is installed for everyone’s safety & not for specially spying the babysitter. Most professional nannies, babysitter won’t object on the presence of nanny cams.

Hiding your secrets

Some parents avoid telling the babysitter about the hidden nanny camera installed at their home. This is because they are interested in knowing the exact behaviour of the babysitter & how they would handle their kid!

If the babysitter is found guilty for their mis-behavioural activities being done in their absence, then they have a proof in the form of video. This will allow parents to take legal actions against the babysitter.

However, by any case if the nanny discovers that there is a hidden camera placed for spying, it can have a negative impact on his/her behaviour. She might harm the kid in areas out of range of the spy camera recorder. This may also lead in serious trust issues between parents & the babysitter.

Hence, it is always advisable that you must tell the babysitter about the nanny cam that you have installed taking them into confidence!


We showed you how to spot a nanny cam so should you install a nanny cam?

You should install a nanny cam at your place and choose a plan which satisfies both i.e. babysitter as well as the owner. Afterall, security & safety of everyone is the most important thing. There is nothing to hide if the babysitter has not done anything wrong.