How to Set up a Hidden Camera in Your Bathroom

Mirikkah Alvarado

by Mirikkah Alvarado

How to Set up a Hidden Camera in your Bathroom

The times when you can't depend on anyone around may require some security steps to keep an eye on people.

Perhaps for maintaining a check on individuals; for purposes of safety or just to keep a check on the children for protection.

Thus, you can put on spy cameras, which will allow you to verify distinct areas and activities. You also can set up a customised surveillance system in your own house.

In this article you will learn how to set up a hidden camera in your bathroom.

Let's go.

Where to hide a camera in your bathroom

There are many places at home where you can install hidden spy cameras, obviously, in order to tighten your security. Even though installing a spy camera in private places is illegal, people still do it out of concern.

If you are thinking that there might not be enough spots in the bathroom to hide the spy camera, then you are wrong! Some of the common places to install spy camera in bathroom can be plug point sockets, cosmetic bags, heating ducts, a two-way mirror, perfume sprayer, cloth hanger, vents, false ceiling, etc. These all are potential hiding places.

The best place to put the secret camera in bathroom can be upper ventswhich gives you a clear view of the bathroom from all directions. You can keep the focus on auto-adjust mode to adjust the focus automatically.

How to install a spy camera in your bathroom

Guidelines Before Installing

  1. The most important thing is to check whether the place you chose gives you a wider picture or view of the bathroom. If you are targeting the camera to any specific spot or object or small area, you can always opt for wider capture.

  2. You must also check for the quality of camera you are using. A good quality camera which is able to record videos in high resolution should be preferred.

  3. You must also check if the camera can capture surroundings in low light. Night vision cameras would work best but are a little expensive. Otherwise, you should make sure that there’s enough light kept on at all times.

  4. You must install camera where it is not easily detectable, of course! One example can be you can install behind some thing keeping its lens focused on the area or you can hide it inside any object. Just make sure that the focusing lens can capture the images for the specified area.

  5. You must also see if the camera you’re installing is water-proof. In case if it is, there should be no problem in installing it around and in the shower tap or bathtub.

  6. You could temporarily even turn your smartphone into a video recording device! You just have to make sure that you have a live streaming app installed in your mobile phone. This camera phone can also be smartly concealed in several places in your bathroom.

  7. Prior to installing the mobile, you also need to charge it completely. Several apps will require your phones to be connected to strong WiFi as well. 

The Ways to Set Up a ​Camera in Your Bathroom

1. Ceiling

What could be a better place to hide a spy camera than your bathroom ceiling? It covers the entire area while keeping your camera splash free.

If your bathroom has a false ceiling/ board, drilling a hole through the board would do the trick. Now all you need to do is place the camera lens perfectly aligned to the hole.

Another amazing trick is using a camera which is disguised and even works as a light bulb! After you connect it to your WiFi, you can lay back and see the real time recording on your phone. Placing it at the top corner ensures good video recordings without anyone doubting it!

2. Toothbrush boxes

Well, who would have thought that there might be a hidden camera in toothpaste box!? The smallest camera, which can record videos, audios and store them as well! It can record for 4-5 hours at a stretch. It is a perfect device to increase your security.

3. Clothes hook

Getting a small, easily concealable camera has become easy these days. You can buy a small camera which can perfectly fit and be attached to the metal bar of the clothes hook.

Another option is getting actual clothes hook with pre-installed camera. The camera is situated on the upper portion of the hook so that the clothes do not interfere with the view. Some of them are motion activated cameras with expandable storage.

4. Electrical socket

A very clever idea of camouflaging a camera is by hiding it inside an electrical socket. Many hidden surveillance cameras are designed to look like an electrical socket which may sometimes be non-functional. Nobody would suspect to have a secret camera hiding in their plain sight!

Moreover, you can dismiss their doubt by telling them that the socket has some sort of problem and needs repairing!

5. *Bathroom vents fan*

bathroom vent fan

Source: thisoldhouse - Bathroom vent fan overview

But, we think the best place to hide your camera is Bathroom vents fan! Yes! Bathroom vents have slits which can be used as the opening for placing your camera lens and are big enough for concealing the hidden camera! Moreover, ceiling bathroom vents also have an advantage of not being splashed by water.

Bathroom Exhaust fan Hidden Camera

Source: spycamerabathroom - Bathroom exhaust fan

For installing a camera in bathroom, you need to follow the given steps:

Step 1. Choose a best bathroom spy camera:

A bathroom pinhole camera is one of the best cameras you can install in any nook and corner of your bathroom! It is as small as your fingertip and so, can be easily ignored. What could be more innovative than attaching it to your shampoo bottle to make a shampoo spy camera or on the mirror to make bathroom mirror spy camera!

Step 2. Charge the camera:

A camera that operates on a rechargeable battery needs to be fully charged before being installed. But, you will need to keep removing the battery and recharging it as and when it drains out.
So, to avoid this hassle, you can opt for AC powered cameras. You literally just need to connect the camera to an energy source and your work is done.

Step 3. Install relevant softwares:

In order to view and monitor the activities in your bathroom, you need to connect your camera to your phone or computer. This will require downloading several softwares, including the live streaming app.
You may also need to connect the camera to your WiFi network.

Step 4. Placing the camera in the vent:
  • Use a screw-driver to remove the screws present in the corners of the vent. This removes the covering of the vent.
  • Clean the interior as well as the lid of the vent with soap water and let it dry.
  • Place the camera inside and make sure it fits well inside. Take care that the lens of the camera aligns with the horizontal slits on the lid. 
  • Connect the wireless camera to the Wi-Fi and the app.
  • Put back the lid on the vent and screw it up properly.
  • And now it is the checking time! Run a test round to see if the setup is working clearly. Check the audio settings, camera view, connectivity as well as the charge. 
  • In case, if the set up faces some sort of problems, you need to troubleshoot them right away. If the set up works fine, then go ahead and start monitoring the area.