Basic Components Make Hidden Camera

The 3 components of a hidden cam are: a camera, a recording device and a monitor.

1. The Camera

The cam can be wired and it is connected directly to a recording device such as VCR or DVR using a cable. The main work of a cam is capturing the videos.

A spy cam is actually a board camera that can be install on an object where it blends well with the surrounding.

They are objects which are used every day such as on a DVD player, toilet paper, picture frames, plants, wall clocks, iPod docking stations among others.

2. Recording Device 

You can use a VCR or a DVR for video recording from your covert surveillance camera.

3. Monitor 

The monitor allows you to view the recorded videos. You can simply plug the VCR or DVR into the monitor to start viewing.

Advantages of Wired Hidden Spy Cams

The best thing about wired disguised cams is that they provide a clearer picture than the wifi spy cams. This is because they do not rely on a wireless signal like the wireless cams.

They ensure that there is a continuous live feed and this allows you to see the exact time the video stopped.

How Do Wireless Hidden Cameras Work?

Spy Cam can also be wireless with built-in transmitter. This part transmits signals to the receiver that is connected to the recording device. Here's how wifi hidden cam works.

Capturing the Image

A wireless spy cam captures the images through the lens. A small grid of light detectors focuses the light towards the camera lens.

The detectors determine the amount of light passing within the image when using a black and white surveillance camera. In a colour cam, the detectors only determine green, red and blue.

These groups of colors are then combined to display the color of light in a certain place. After this, all the photo detectors are added together to display a complete picture.

Some advanced wireless detectors include a motor and a motion detector. This allows the cam to follow all the movements within the room.

Image Transmission

Wireless spy cams have a small radio transmitter. This means that the camera is able to turn an image into a radio signal on a specific frequency. The radio transmitter is small but very powerful.

It is able to broadcast the signal to a receiver within the building. The receiver then picks the signal and converts it back into an image. As a result, you are able to view the tape quickly when you want to check the recordings.

Utilizing the Footage

The receiver can perform different functions with the image depending on the intended purpose. The captured image is displayed together with different images from other cams on a video screen.

These images may also be stored in different recording devices such as in a computer hard drive. To save the storage space, the receiver may only store a few frames per second which also creates a time-lapse for an area.

Most Popular Type of Spy Camera

A self-recording spy camera aka DVR spy cam – These cams have an built-in DVR, the camera, microphone. They do not require wires, receiver as those types of hidden cams.

You can keep the self-recording cam in a certain place and then turn it on. The cam will then start recording into an SD card. After recording, you can view the recorded videos by inserting SD card into memory slot of PC/Laptop.

With other types, you need USB cable to transfer the video files from DVR cam such as wearable spy camera (eg. spy watch) to USB port of computer.


1. How long do hidden cameras record?

High quality DVR spy cams provide a continuous recording of 60-70 minutes. These cams include watch cams, pen cams among others.

2. How much data can hidden spy cam store?

You will need to insert an SD card in these devices. Therefore, you need a memory card with at least 128 GB if you want to record for a long time. All the recordings will be saved in the memory card with the date stamp on which the video was recorded.

3. Can camera record at night or in low light conditions?

The best thing about hidden cam is that they have a night mode setting which allows them to capture images at night. The night vision mode is set automatically when they detect darkness around them.

4. How do you know the camera has started recording?

You will only need to ensure that they are connected with WIFI and then ensure that you have downloaded the required app in your smartphone. Once they have started recording, you will get a push notification on your phone.