Best Wireless 

Spy Cameras

Mirikkah Alvarado

by Mirikkah Alvarado

A security camera can be a great tool for capturing events when you’re not home.

Unfortunately, some cameras require you to transfer the video to a computer before viewing.

So, how do you know what’s happening while you’re away? You install a wireless hidden camera.

With a compact hidden camera featuring WiFi connectivity, you can view a live feed from compatible Android and iOS phones and tablets.

You can finally stop worrying and start living.

First, you need to choose the right camera.

To help sort through the hundreds of options, I’ve created a list containing several recommendations for the best wireless spy cameras.

Explore these top choices.

WBESEV Mini Portable Covert Security CamBest for iPhone, Android Phone

Instead of wasting your time trying to configure a WiFi connection, this camera provides a simple interface. Easily set up the camera within minutes, and start monitoring your home from almost any iPhone or Android phone.

Simple Mobile Interface

If your main reason for getting a camera is remote viewing, you should enjoy the simple mobile interface. It allows you to know what’s happening, no matter where you go.

Through the easy-to-configure mobile app, you can view a remote live feed with audio. You can even share the feed with up to four other users.

Great for Portable Use

Thanks to the supplied battery, you can use this camera anywhere. Just keep in mind that the camera isn’t very discreet. It includes a small box at the end of the camera cable, along with a WiFi antenna.

The camera also requires either the battery pack or a micro USB charger. The combination of components creates a challenge when trying to find a hiding spot.

Flexible Camera Cable

Directing the camera at a specific spot in the room is easier with the flexible camera cable. After finding a place to set up the camera and supply it with power, you can bend the cable in any direction.

The flexible design is great when trying to get a better view.


  • The camera automatically reconnects after losing WiFi signal
  • Includes motion detection and loop recording
  • Supports 128GB microSD cards
  • Switch between snapshot and video motion detection


  • Difficult to hide due to long wires, WiFi antenna, and battery pack
  • Does not include night vision

WNAT Bluetooth Speakers WiFi HD Spy CamBest for Seeing More of the Room

Packed with features, the WNAT Spy Cam gives you more control of the camera from your phone or tablet. You can easily monitor any room from any location in the world.

Includes PTZ Lens Rotation

If you hate it when something is just out of the view of the camera, you should love the PTZ lens rotation. This allows you to pan the camera to the left and right up to 180-degrees.

Remotely control the rotation of the camera to get a wider field of view, great for recording in tight spaces or small rooms.

Remotely Record and Playback Video

Through the mobile app, you also get a live video feed. However, the best part of the app is the complete remote operation. Record and playback video directly on your tablet or phone.

The live video feed also includes audio, letting you see and hear what’s happening. Unfortunately, like most hidden cameras, it no longer supports recording audio.

Great Sounding Bluetooth Speakers

No one would ever suspect to find a camera in these speakers, especially when they’re listening to music. The functional Bluetooth speakers allow you to easily pair a device to play audio.

The speakers even include a mic-in jack for connecting devices without Bluetooth.


  • Includes motion detection, loop recording, and time-lapse recording
  • Rechargeable battery provides five to six hours of use
  • Supports 128GB microSD cards
  • Switch between snapshot and video motion detection
  • Choose from three minute to twenty minute video clips


  • Does not record audio, but plays audio through the live feed
  • More likely to lose WiFi signal when relying on the battery

SCS Enterprises Smoke Detector Hidden CamBest for Complete Discretion

People rarely take a second look at something as ordinary as a smoke detector, making it the perfect spot to hide a camera. SCS Enterprises did exactly that, providing you with a spy cam that no one would ever detect.

Hardwired Design for 24/7 Recording

This best wireless spy camera eliminates the need for hiding wires, cords, or other components. It receives power through the ceiling.

With the 110 to 220 VAC direct wiring, the camera does not need an outlet or battery pack. The hardwired design combined with loop recording allows complete 24/7 coverage.

The only drawback to the design is wiring the camera. Some homes don’t have electrical lines running through the ceiling, requiring an additional step before installing the camera.

Configure the WiFi in Minutes

You no longer need to get frustrated trying to set up a camera, thanks to the simple configuration.

After hardwiring the camera, you simply turn it on and install the app. You then scan the QR code, input your WiFi password, and press a button. It’s that simple.

Remotely Record and View Video

Using the automatic WiFi connection, remotely record and view video from any location with internet access. You can even use the 3G or 4G network on your phone.

Through the mobile app, you can connect 32 cameras, giving you a solution for setting up a complete security system.


  • Hardwired AC connection for 24/7 recording
  • Wide-angle lens for a greater field of view
  • Comes with an 8GB microSD card
  • Simple WiFi configuration


  • Does not include audio
  • Does not include night vision
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