best Hidden cameras to wear

Mirikkah Alvarado

by Mirikkah Alvarado

best hidden cameras to wear

Have you ever left a meeting and wished that you’d taken more notes?

Do you need additional evidence for an insurance claim or court case?

Perhaps you want to record yourself engaging in an extreme sport, such as snowboarding.

All these situations have one thing in common. They all benefit from the use of a wearable spy camera.

You could even wear a hidden camera for recording travel footage or vlogs.

No matter the reason for wearing one of these devices, there are a lot of different options.

That’s why I’ve arranged this list of the best hidden cameras to wear. These cameras provide the top solutions for discreetly recording encounters.

Let’s start comparing.

Letown Hidden Security Pen Camera: Best for Recording Meetings and Interviews

While several companies produce spy camera pens, Letown has perfected the design. No one would ever notice that the pen conceals a 2K HD video camera.

2K Video Resolution and 20MP Photos

Discreetly record 1296P HD footage in public with the Letown Hidden Security Pen Camera. You can also switch to 720P to fit more video on the internal memory.

If you prefer to snap photos, the camera offers a 20MP lens for JPGs with 4352 x 3264-pixel resolution.

Unlike most spy cameras, you don’t need to purchase a separate microSD card. The camera features 32GB of built-in memory, allowing you to store hours of video.

Unfortunately, you’ll only record about 60 minutes of video at a time before the battery needs charging. Keep in mind that most of these compact cameras only offer between one and two hours of use on a single battery charge.

One-Button Operation for Simple Use

As the camera remains hidden inside a standard pen, you can safely record meetings, interviews, and other encounters without anyone noticing. To start recording, you simply press a single button located on top of the pen.

The one-button operation requires a little practice but becomes easier to understand the more that you use it. You’ll eventually find it easy to switch between standby mode and motion detection mode.


  • The pen functions as a real pen, ensuring that no one figures out that you have a camera in your hand.
  • It comes with two pen refills so you can continue to take notes or sign papers as you record.
  • It includes 32GB of built-in storage, eliminating the need for a separate microSD card.


  • The one-button operation is intuitive but most users find it difficult to understand at first.
  • You only get about one hour of use per battery charge.

LKcare Hidden Camera Bracelet: Best Spy Cam for Wearing Every Day

The LKcare Hidden Camera Bracelet ensures that you always have a camera standing by for recording important events. If you get in an accident, a dispute, or any negative situation, aim your wrist and start recording.

Fitness Tracker and Spy Camera in One Device

The best wearable spy camera resemble ordinary devices. With this product, the camera remains hidden inside a typical fitness tracker.

Besides recording discreet footage, you can track your fitness. The tracker includes a basic pedometer and calorie counter displayed on a large, clear LCD screen. The dual function of this device makes it more useful. You can wear it every day as a fitness tracker that happens to have a camera attached.

Bluetooth Connection with Your Smartphone

When you’re ready to start recording, you have two options. You can press the buttons on the side of the bracelet or connect the device to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

No matter which option you choose, operating the device is simple. You don’t need to worry about pressing the wrong button or accidentally deleting over old footage.

The camera records to an internal SD card, not included in the package. You’ll need to buy a microSD card separately but the device supports sizes up to 128GB, allowing you to fit days of footage onto a single card.


  • The combination of a spy camera and a fitness tracker makes this one of the most functional options.
  • It includes Bluetooth connectivity for controlling the camera through your smartphone or tablet.
  • It comes with USB cables and card readers for transferring video to your computer, making it easier to save your videos.


  • It only offers about 30 minutes of recording before draining the battery.
  • The date/time stamp on the videos and photos does not always work properly.

Miebul Camera Spy Watch: Best Wearable Spy Camera for Stealthy Recording

Spy cameras should be easy to hide. They should pass off for everyday gadgets to avoid suspicion. The Miebul camera loop does just that, and it is one you will appreciate. 

An actual male watch

The Miebul loop video recorder is an actual watch that tells time, but one that also records video, audio, and can take pictures. It is inconspicuous, and your target will not suspect you.

It is a male watch, and there is no female equivalent for it. As such, it is best for men so that it remains discreet.

As for the size, it has an 8.38-inch long bracelet, with a 53-mm diameter, a thickness of about 13-mm, and it weighs 5.3-ounces.

The bracelet happens to be slightly long for most people, and you should engage the services of a commissioned watch store to adjust the length.

Good Battery

Another remarkable feature of this device is that it has two cells. One runs the watch such that it is always working, while the other is for recording.

The second battery can work for 90 continuous minutes before you have to recharge. And speaking of recharging, it should be a breeze as it works with a standard USB that they provide.

Crisp Video and Audio Quality

The Miebul is one of the few cameras that have both audio and video features. Even better, you can record audio and video separately, or together.

Well, the quality of audio is remarkable (professional grade) when recorded alone, but it drops when recorded together with video.

Video, on the other hand, is 1080P, while the video frame is 30 frames per second. Night vision is also impeccable, seeing as it can record up to 10-feet away.

Finally, it has motion sensors, and it can be used as a web camera when connected to a computer.

Simple Controls

The Miebul is intuitive, and it takes a short time to get used to the controls. It works with the standard buttons and has some lights to indicate which function is working. It has a blue led light when in standby mode.

The top light is for audio recording, while the bottom is for video. 


  • Reasonably priced.
  • supports audio recording. 
  • Discreet.
  • Crisp video and audio.
  • Include 16GB memory. 
  • Auto Night vision
  • Motion Detection
  • Loop Record
  • Real Watch
  • easy to aim
  • Can be Used as Webcam 


  • The strap is not self-adjusting.
  • Not Really Waterproof
  • bulky. 

YAOAWE Hidden Camera Eyeglasses: Best Camera for Recording Action Sports

Take amazing video of your next outdoor adventure with the YAOAWE Hidden Camera Eyeglasses. While the bulky design makes the camera less discreet, it still provides the perfect choice for outdoor sports recording.

Comfortable Design with Shaded Lenses

Some sports cameras come attached to large helmets or include mounting brackets for connecting to your sports equipment. With this product, you get an easier solution. You simply put on the shades and you’ve got a camera attached to your face.

With the tight fit, you don’t need to worry about the sunglasses sliding off while filming. You can focus on your activity while the camera keeps rolling.

The included camera records stunning 960P HD video in most settings except at night. In low-light settings, the film can get a little blurry and grainy but you get what you pay for. This is an incredibly affordable product with convenient features.

Includes Bluetooth Connectivity

Speaking of convenience, the camera includes Bluetooth connectivity. While it has buttons on the side of the sunglasses, it’s easier to control the camera through your smartphone or tablet. The mobile app works on Android and iOS devices.

The main settings include the option to switch between snapshots and video recording. It also features loop recording, allowing you to record continuously even if the SD card is full. While the camera doesn’t come with a microSD card, it supports cards up to 32GB.


  • It includes a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty against defects, giving you peace of mind in knowing that you’ll have a working product.
  • The sleek, stylish design is suitable for men and women.
  • Offers up to two hours of recording on a single charge, which is more than most compact spy cameras.


  • The video quality suffers in low-light situations, making this camera best suited for bright daylight recording.

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