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Mirikkah Alvarado

by Mirikkah Alvarado

How much can you really trust a nanny or house cleaner?

When you’re away from home, it’s perfectly natural to worry about your kids or possessions.

Unfortunately, the stress of not knowing what’s happening at the house may prevent you from enjoying yourself.

The best spy camera provide the perfect solution.

With the latest cameras, you can keep an eye on the house while you’re away.

You will be able to watch a live feed directly on your phone or tablet.

There are also cameras that you can take with you, and they are small enough to fit in a pocket for recording meetings.

The only drawback is selecting the right camera. Some cameras don’t record audio or require you to purchase a microSD card separately.

To help narrow your search, at iShotify we've throughly tested and created a list of the high quality hidden spy camera reviews, featuring the easiest products for home use and discreet surveillance.

Here are the world's top choices. Check these out.

Best Hidden Cameras in 2020

You can also check best hidden nanny cam if you want to monitor your nanny.

Gone are the days when spy gadgets especially mini cams were used only by the intelligence agencies. With the advent in the technological sphere, the use of spy cameras has increased to a huge amount for personal usage as well.

The usage of hidden cameras is not secret in the modern world. They are intensely used as nanny cams in order to monitor the caregivers. However, some other interesting use of such device is in reality television, wildlife documentation, conferences, lectures, etc.

Practically Invisible

The primary feature on which a spy camera banks upon is its characteristic of being invisible to an average human eye. The Relohas spy cam is exceptionally good in this regards. It comes with both hook and sticker functions, which can help it to be installed on any surface.

It weighs a mere 1.41 ounces and is just 0.79 inches. However, it can elongate up to 8.47 inches with a zoom in facility and remain hidden to the naked eye.

Night Vision and Motion Capture

The camera has modes like night vision and manual mode. Such modes help to get good picture clarity even in low light. 

The motion capture feature also help to have a good quality video or picture of any moving body. The modes can be customized for the best results.

Wi-Fi and Alarm features

The camera can be remotely handled with a Wi-Fi through a phone app. 

Apart from taking great videos and photos; the motion capture sensor is also used to alarm the user for any kind of unprecedented movements within the camera’s periphery as well. 

Moreover, the sensitivity of the alarm can also be customized as medium, low, and high.

Picture quality and battery

This high-end spy camera has an impeccable HD video quality of 1080P. It can live stream round the clock, which can be accessed from anywhere; provided there is internet connectivity.

The camera comes in with an 800mAh battery, which is rechargeable. The device works fine for both Wi-Fi and cellular data services


  • Four recording modes available
  • 24 hours live stream function available
  • Alarm feature against any unwanted activity
  • Supports windows, android, and iOS based devices
  • The accessories are quite nice


  • Only connects to Wi-Fi with password length less than 32
  • Battery life is not great
  • User manual is difficult to understand
  • Motion detection feature is not automatic

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DZFTech Wifi Hidden Charger Camera - Best for Versatile Usage

Choosing the right place for hiding a spy camera can be tricky. With the hidden cam look like a charger, you can hide this camera in any corner of the house.

2 in 1 Device: Real Charger & Hidden Security Camera

It’s a real charger so you can use it to charge your phone & easily hide the camera in any room from living room to bedroom or in your office.

This is a motion activated spy camera so when the cam detects any motion it start recording for 2-3 minutes. Then the app will push notifications to you. 

The cam can record video continuously to Micro SD card with loop recording feature. You don't worry to miss anything important.

The microphone on the back of the charger is sensitive and can easily record sound 30 feet away.

The cam has a blue light that show the status of the camera. You can't switch it off. But the signal indicator is disguised as the power light so noone would suspect it spying on them.

Live Monitor Every Place in Your House

Connect your phone and the cam through Wi-Fi signal and you can live view via the app. But make sure your mobile & this wireless hidden cam connect to the same Wi-Fi network.

You also can access the video remotely by P2P mode while you are away from home.

The live recording allow multiple users to view at a time. Up to 8 users can share the real-time video at the same time when connect to the same local network.

Various Shooting Modes

The wall charger camera is easily switchable from recording videos to shooting pictures. It also provides various shooting modes to meet your requirements.

The cam can record 4K, 2K, 1080P and 720P. The shooting modes can change while recording. You can access the recorded content on the Micro SD.

The cam lens has 90° wide-angle capturing ability that supports live recording and snapshots.

The cam can auto-adjust the brightness & can shoot clear pictures even in bright light or dim light. The picture quality is not good when it is complete dark.

Easy to Install

This mini remote cam is easy to set up in four easy steps. First insert the Micro SD card, then stick the cover to the back, insert the charger in the socket & download the software “Hdminicam” for your android and iOS.


  • Easy Portable
  • Easy to Install
  • Sharp & Clear Video Quality
  • Real time Video
  • 1-year warranty with fast refund without return
  • Battery Life: 24/7 when Plugging
  • Auto Motion Activated
  • Loop Recording
  • Real Charger & Hidden Cam


  • Heats Up when Using
  • Limited Night Vision

Ehomful Mini Cube Spy Camera  Best for Hiding in Different Places

This mini hidden camera is very portable & can be hidden anywhere in the house or even install in your car. Due to its built-in magnet and bracket, you can attach it on any metal surface as well as others making it convenient to hide anywhere.

As Tiny as a Button

This tiny camera is only 1.1 inches in size. It is easy to hide or conceal anywhere in the house. You can hide in the main room, in the false ceiling, wall or anywhere else, it will provide very clear & sharp pictures with a resolution of 1080P.

We can rotate the cam in a 360-degree angle when attach it to bracket & it can record up to 50 feet away from the camera in daylight.

Motion detection can be turned on/off through the app. When the motion is detected, the cam will automatically start recording & take snapshots.

If the battery is fully charged, the camera can record up to 60 minutes. But you can charge it 24/7 via USB port.

The cam has a blue light that show the status of the camera. You can't switch it off. But the signal indicator is disguised as the power light so noone would suspect it spying on them.

Clear Pictures at Night

If you are looking for a secret camera that shoots crystal clear pictures in the dark, then straightway choose this cam.

This cam with an IR light on it has the ability to switch to night vision mode automatically when it is dark. It can capture clear pictures at night in the black & white mode without red light.

The video recording view extends up to 20 feet from the camera at night. The downside of recording is that only video is recorded, there is no audio recording facility.

Record without Wi-Fi

You can record the videos without connecting to Wi-Fi. To record without Wi-Fi, just insert the SD card & it will start saving the video while recording.

The product comes with 32 GB MicroSD Card. You can externally add up to 128 GB storage to save your recording.

Multi-User & Multi-Camera Support

Multiple users can view the live recording via an app (Android or IOS) even when they’re not at home. The cam has a video encoder chipset that allows live streaming & real-time sharing up to 8 users.

You can install the app & configure up to four cameras. If the cameras are placed at four corners, you can view four different views at a time.


  • Easy to Hide Anywhere
  • 360 Free Rotation with Bracket
  • Clear Pictures at Night
  • Auto-switch Night Vision Mode
  • Auto Motion Detection
  • Live Video Streaming Anywhere
  • Include 32 GB MicroSD Card


  • Pretty Hot When Using
  • No audio
  • Only 60 Minutes of Continuous Recording

FUVISION Picture Frame Spy Camera – Best Camera with Longest Battery Life

Choosing where to place indoor hidden security camera should not be hard. It should be just like a picture frame that you can hang on the wall and position strategically to capture images of anyone who gets into the room.

Invisible Spy Camera in Picture Frame

Nobody can suspect the presence of spy cam as it’s hidden in an ordinary picture frame.

In addition, the night vision LEDs inside the cam does not glow and automatically turn on in low light. Therefore, the cam can see up to eight meters and completely invisible in the darkness.

The 65-degree cam has an ability to adjust viewing angle at 15 degrees downwards.

The camera has a built-in advanced motion sensor and the alarms goes on when any motion is detected. The photo frame camera will send an alert to your phone and record a clip of between 10 and 60 seconds to the SD card. You can playback the clip remotely or download it to your device.

What’s more, it records everything while including date and time watermark.

Remotely Control Anywhere

The FUVISION picture spy camera can connect to Internet automatically through local Wi-Fi network because of its built-in Wi-Fi. The camera does not have any wiring and cords so you can place it any room in your home.

You can stream videos live or download them later into your smartphone from almost anywhere. It only requires you to have YIEYE app set up in your smartphone to view both videos and photos remotely.

It is a simple frame with a built-in HD wireless security camera, which sends push notifications to alert you via your smart device. You can respond instantly or download later.

This camera gives you a clear HD color video of things taking place in your absence and you can act on time. The camera is an ideal option when you want to capture everything in detail.

365 Days Standby Time

The spy camera has a 10000mAh rechargeable battery that can last up to more than 20 hours of continuous recording.

In motion detection mode, the cam only records when motion is detected. Therefore, it saves battery and can last for 365 days standby time. There is no need to recharge it frequently.


  • Hard to Detect
  • Easy Portable
  • Easy to Setup
  • Clear HD Color Video
  • Invisible even in the Night
  • Long Lasting Rechargeable Battery
  • Auto Motion Dectect


  • No Audio
  • Only YIEYE App Compatible
  • Not Support 5Ghz Wi-Fi Network

ZXWDDP Smoke Detector Camera – Best for Indoor Monitoring

Safety and security are the two aspects, which have a deep impact on our lives. The most basic way to combat the threat to safety and security is by using best spy camera for home use.

Hidden wireless cameras from ZXWDDP is like the smoke detector that would make sure that any unwanted activity in its surveillance area is immediately notified.

Invisibility with a Twist

The most primary feature of any hidden camera is invisibility. Being invisible is the primary USP of any hidden spy camera. 

This product is no different. It comes in a Smoke Detector shape that keeps it away from prying eyes. 

Since all the modern apartments and houses have highly efficient smoke and fire detection systems, the shape would never catch any attention.

Record Clearer at Night

There are infrared sensors in the camera that enhances the feature of night vision as well. Being invisible to the naked human eye, any nighttime unwanted or burglar activity can be easily get caught in this night vision enabled spy camera.

Live Monitoring

The camera comes in with a motion detection feature as well. In case, if it detects any unwanted activity it would immediately send notifications to your phone and mail.

Moreover, it would also capture all the activities that the unwanted guests do until any action is taken for any future reference and evidence.

Other Miscellaneous Features

The camera can be connected to Wi-Fi and your phone. Once connected, you can have live surveillance of your home anytime and anywhere. 

Besides, it also allows recording to be stored in an attached SD card for referring them in the future. However, for policy and local laws Recordings will not be included. 

The installation and charging are quite easy. All you need is to mount it to the ceiling with the accessories provided in the kit.


  • Smoke Detector shape makes it easy to hide
  • Picture and recording is of high quality 1080P
  • Live Remote View
  • Installation and setup is easy
  • Battery life is good
  • Good Value for money


  • Small Area Coverage
  • No zoom-in ability
  • Battery charging is cumbersome if there is no ceiling circuit

SPOOKER Hidden Camera Book – Best for Home and Offices Use

Selecting the best spy camera for home use could be a challenge. With a camera that looks like a fancy book binder, you can hide it safely in your bookshelf, and no one will ever find out.

Discreet Camera in Book Binder

Can anyone ever think a covert camera is hidden in a book binder? That is right, no one will ever guess that you have a camera lurking somewhere in your book shelve.

This spy camera was disguised to look like any book. As a result, you can even carry it to meeting and put it on the bookcase and no one will ever suspect that you are recording from the binding hole.

This cam is able to record an 80-degree viewing angle of a scene at a resolution of 1080P, and a pixel of 2.0M. It is ideal for baby monitoring, home security and everyone can easily use it.

A strong Lithium Polymer 10000 mAh battery powers this camera and it can record for 24 hours on a full charge. It supports recording while charging and can be charged with a 5V USB phone charger.

Crystal Clear Night Recording

The night vision spy camera comes with a powerful Infrared Led light. Therefore, it can records clear black and white video even in the dark. This night vision feature is automatic in low light.

The spy cam has an indicator light that will goes off while recording. This makes it invisible in the darkness.

Swift Operation without Wi-Fi

The spy camera does not support the option of live streaming video. This is because of the absence of Wi-Fi support.

You can set this spy cam in two modes: continuous or motion detection recording. After detecting any motion, the spy camera auto turns on and records a five-minute clip to the SD card.

This spy camera is compatible with a Micro SD card of up to 64 GB. With the SD card inserted, you can record video without missing anything important. It, however, does not come with SD card.


  • 24 hour continuous recording
  • Automatic recording at night
  • easy to set up
  • Good picture quality
  • Auto Motion detector
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Easy To Move
  • Sound Recording


  • Not Support Wi-Fi
  • Not Include SD card

Facamword Alarm Clock Spy CameraBest for Live Video Feeds on Mobile

With the Facamword Alarm Clock Spy Camera, this best hidden spy camera is discreetly hidden inside a sleek, modern alarm clock. Thanks to the mobile app, you can use it as a baby monitor, nanny cam, or spy cam.

Digital Alarm Clock with Temperature Display

The covert camera is housed in a fully functional digital alarm clock. No one would ever think that an HD camera is tucked away inside the compact device.

It features a large, clear LCD display, with the time, temperature, and date. The clock and camera are powered with a single battery or you can connect a USB power adapter.

Set it anywhere. Place it on a nightstand, shelf, or entertainment center to get peace of mind.

1080P HD Video with Wide Viewing Angle

Inside the clock is a 1080P HD video camera with a 115-degree wide-viewing angle. When placed against a wall or corner, you get a clear view of the entire room.

To ensure that the camera is always ready to record, it features motion detection, night vision, and loop recording.

With loop recording, it saves over the oldest video files for continuous operation. The video is saved to a microSD card, which is not provided with the spy camera.

Mobile App for iOS and Android Devices

The video feed and camera settings are available through a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. You can easily check in on your home from any location or you can receive push notifications when motion is detected.


  • Access the live feed through the mobile app on any phone
  • Includes microSD slot for increasing video storage capacity
  • Records sharp, clear HD footage during the day or night
  • No monthly service or fees required to use the mobile app


  • Does not support 5GHz WiFi networks
  • The device needs to be close to the WiFi router

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SDETER WiFi Spy Wall Clock CameraBest Wireless Camera

The purpose of a wireless hidden camera is to be inconspicuous, and nothing does that better than the SDETER. A burglar will not be aware that you are watching unless they know what to look for.

Covert Camera in Wall Clock

The SDETER can pass off for any standard wall clock, and no one would suspect it for a spy camera. Its typical design does not raise any concern, and the camera is well hidden.

To add to its secretive nature, it happens to be battery operated, and the battery can last for well over a year. It is also 10000mAh rechargeable battery.

And speaking of batteries, the clock will need a 7th cell, to run.

Another interesting feature is that the device works with passive infrared, ensuring there is zero power wastage. After all, it only records once it senses motion.

However, it still allows loop recording, but with a date and time stamp.

Adjustable Lens for a Wider View

You can point the camera in any direction within 10 and 20 degrees, and it has a 75-degree angle of view. You can tilt it down if it is hung high on the wall, or in any direction you want to cover.

The possibilities are just endless, including using it on a desk and having the camera face forward.

Wireless but with Internal Storage

The SDETER works with 2.4G Wi-Fi, and the wireless design adds to its subtleness. It will send notifications to your phone through the YiEye app in case it detects motion.

And speaking of the app, it is pretty easy to set up; often in less than 2-minutes. The phone app is always on with no option of turning it off, draining your battery.

You can also store images and videos as the camera can support a TF card up to 128 GB.

Quality Picture for Better Security

The security of your pets, kids, and home is only as good as the quality of the picture. With the SDETER hidden camera, you get 1080p HD, meaning you can discern what is happening in your home.

Well, the frame rate is low at 15 fps, but it is worth it given the price of the unit.


  • Simple to setup
  • 365-days standby Time
  • Crisp picture quality
  • Adjustable lens increasing versatility
  • Supports a 128GB TF card
  • Loop recording with switch-off ability


  • not support audio Recording
  • Not Support 5GHz Wi-Fi Network
  • Can't Turn off The phone app

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LTMADE 1296P Hidden Camera Pen – Best Choice for Wearable Camera

With the LTMADE 1296P Hidden Camera Pen, you can take your camera everywhere you go. It’s a compact surveillance device hidden inside an ordinary looking fountain pen.

Write Notes and Record Video at the Same Time

As with most of the best hidden cameras, this discreet wearable camera looks and works like a regular pen. You can write, take notes, and sign papers while recording video. It’s the perfect solution for off-site recording.

Discreetly record conversations and meetings. Simply press a button to begin recording.

The camera records video to microSD and comes with a 32GB card. You can get about 60 minutes on a full charge.

One Button Operation for Video and Photo Modes

With the hidden camera pen, you can record video or take pictures. The pen includes a button and an LED light. When you press and hold the button for a second, the pen starts recording.

Pressing the button again puts the camera in standby mode. Press again to resume recording.

When the pen is in standby mode, you can press it twice to switch to photo mode. Press the button once to snap a pic or press twice to return to video mode.

While the single button operation is simple, it’s confusing to remember. This is especially true when trying to quickly record a video or take a photo.

Record 2K HD Video or 5MP Photos

The camera records 1296P HD video at 30 frames per second. You can also switch to 720P HD video at 30 or 60 frames per second.

The camera sensor allows 5MP pictures. With the 32GB card, you can store hundreds of photos before needing to transfer to your computer.


  • The small camera records clear HD video
  • Discreetly record video or take photos anywhere
  • A cost-effective option for remote surveillance 


  • Only allows 60 minutes of continuous recording
  • Takes close to four hours to charge

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