Best Night Vision Spy Camera

Mirikkah Alvarado

by Mirikkah Alvarado

Best Night Vision Hidden Camera

Do you need to use a hidden camera in the dark? Trying to record video or monitor your home at night or in a low-light setting is hard.

With some cameras, you only get grainy footage and blurs if the light is too low.

What you need for these situations is a spy camera with quality night vision. Keeping an eye on things in the dark becomes a lot easier.

The only hard part is selecting the best night vision spy camera.

To save you time, I have compiled this list of the top choices. Each camera includes the IR LEDs that you need for making out objects or faces at night.

Check out these options for yourself.

Best Night Vision Hidden Camera in 2020

DUKONRIZ Mini Night Vision Cop CamBest Mini Camera for Easy Placement

The tiny DUKONRIZ camera provides a versatile solution, allowing users to wear it, hide it, or stick it to a magnetic surface. Best of all, it is one of the most affordable HD hidden cameras.

Mini Size with a Magnetic Body

The design of the camera makes it easier to conceal or attach it to different surfaces. The strong magnet body and tiny size allows placement on almost any object.

For non-magnetic surfaces, the camera comes with a clip, pin, bracket, and sport bandage. Easily attach it to a fridge, bicycle, or car.

Despite the mini size, the camera still includes standard features found in almost every camera, such as motion detection and loop recording.

Built-in Rechargeable Battery Allows Outdoor Use

Most hidden cameras require a wired connection, limiting placement. The DUKONRIZ camera includes a built-in rechargeable battery, allowing for setup anywhere, including the outdoors.

With the lightweight design, the camera even works as a drone camera. Just keep in mind that the camera isn’t waterproof and can get damaged if it is exposed to rain.

See Every Detail in the Dark

While most cameras include night vision, the DUKONRIZ camera features an enhanced set of six IR LED lights.

The superior night vision gives a clearer view in the dark, allowing every detail to remain visible up to 20 feet away. With the compact size and enhanced LEDs, the DUKONRIZ mini cam is the best night vision hidden camera for easy concealment.


  • Affordable price
  • Records clear audio
  • Camera keeps recording when charging
  • Easy to hide 
  • Includes motion detection and loop recording


  • Battery only allows an hour of use
  • Does not include any WiFi features

Transwe Wireless Hidden Camera SpeakerBest for Recording at Night

While there are many Bluetooth speakers on the market, few of them come with a hidden 4K HD camera like this device. The camera looks like an ordinary Bluetooth speaker and functions like one, too.

Wide Angle Lens Provides a Better View

In a small room, a standard lens makes it difficult to see everything. To solve this issue, the Transwe Wireless Camera Speaker includes a 160-degree angle lens.

The wider angle ensures that more of the room remains visible. Combined with 26-foot night vision and 4K video, the camera does not miss anything.

Listen to Music with the Functional Bluetooth Speaker

Transwe placed the camera inside a Bluetooth speaker, perfect for spying on the nanny or house sitter without detection.

Besides offering discreet surveillance, the camera includes Bluetooth connectivity to the speaker.

When paired with a Bluetooth enabled device, users can listen to music. It even has enhanced bass for a better sound.

Choose from Multiple Video Quality Options

While users get stunning 4K video, the camera includes multiple video quality options to help save storage space and wireless bandwidth.

Easily switch between 480P, 720P, 1080P, and 4K resolution. Cut down on data rates when remotely viewing the live feed on a mobile device.


  • Captures audio when recording
  • As with most hidden cameras, includes motion detection and loop recording
  • Supports cards up to 128GB
  • Offers WiFi connectivity for remote viewing and instant notifications


  • Speakers pick up background noise when the camera is on
  • Does not include a rechargeable battery; requires a power cord

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KAPOSEV Wireless Phone Charger CameraBest for Connecting Multiple Devices

Hidden inside an ordinary-looking phone charger, trying to find the camera inside this device is almost impossible. Thanks to the additional features, such as WiFi connectivity and loop recording, it offers everything needed to monitor the home or office remotely.

Connect Multiple Cameras or Devices

The camera makes it easier to set up an entire security solution, using the intuitive mobile app. Available for Android and iOS devices, the app allows multiple cameras to connect to the same account.

Sharing the live feed with other users is also easy, giving multiple people the chance to monitor the camera footage.

Complete Control from the Mobile App

Besides multiple connections, the mobile app provides complete control over the video footage. Record, playback, save, and delete videos directly from the app.

The app also gives you many of the standard hidden camera features, such as app alert with motion detection and remote snapshots or recording.

Functional Wireless Phone Charger

To help maintain the illusion, the wireless phone charger really works. It works with most Android and iOS phones of the past few years but does not support older iPhones.

The top portion of the charger features a power bank, for wireless charging. There is no need to remain tethered to the nightstand while charging a phone or tablet.


  • Includes motion detection, loop recording, and night vision
  • Easily configure the mobile app and WiFi connection
  • Supports 128GB microSD cards
  • Records great quality video 


  • The audio contains a lot of background noise
  • Camera and charger can get hot during 24/7 coverage


What's better than a camera for night viewing? Not a big question! Night vision cameras are used as fun as they're useful for military , law enforcement and management professionals alike. When do you use your phone for night vision? Spy on your back garden at night's quiet or take a closer look at your business ... for whatever you need your camera.

Most night vision cameras are built for security purposes – positioned to remain out of sight so that you can keep an eye on what's going on. You can purchase DVR and portable camera systems that store images remotely or even conceal a night vision camera in your house. Surveillance hardware includes night vision apps dressed up as smoke alarms, clocks, and even keychains.

Your monitoring activities don't have to be in the dark just because it's night. If you need to know who took your patio furniture, which employee uses the key to get into the office after hours, or simply want to keep an eye on what's going on, the night vision camera is a perfect option.

How Does a Night Vision Spy Cam Work?

How Do Night Vision Cameras Work? Night vision cameras work by using infrared night vision to see through the darkness. The infrared light is emitted by a device called an IR camera. IR cameras are small and light-weight, making them ideal for use in low-light situations. 

Infrared camera technology has been around since the early days of video surveillance systems. In fact, it was developed specifically for this purpose. However, there have always been some limitations with these types of cameras. For example, they are not very sensitive to motion, and they do not see well in bright light.

Are Night Vision Sensors Seen to the Human Eye?

There are two types of night vision sensors - visible and invisible ones. What is the difference between invisible IR and visible IR? The visible ones can be seen by humans but they do not have a high enough resolution for us to see them clearly. IR (infrared) is invisible to human eyes. It is used to detect the presence of objects in the infrared spectrum. Invisible IR Night vision sensor is not visible to human eye. But it can be detected by IR camera. IR Camera IR cameras are sensitive to infrared light.

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