The Best Hidden Nanny Cam

Mirikkah Alvarado

by Mirikkah Alvarado

Do you constantly worry about what’s happening at your house when you’re not home?

No matter how much you trust your babysitter, cleaners, or neighbors, you never truly know what people might do.

Besides wanting to keep an eye on your family, you may want to protect your home.

Burglaries can occur at any time of the day or night.

Whether you’re worried about the kids, pets, or burglars, installing a hidden spy camera may give you comfort.

With the best hidden nanny cam, you get a live video feed from inside your house.

While these cameras provide a great way to monitor your home, finding the right one is a challenge.

At iShotify we’ve made the process a little easier by rounding up the highest-rated nanny cams currently available. Compare the following options to add discreet surveillance to your home.

Let’s go deeper.

Goospy Wireless Hidden Cameras Clock – Best Choice for Secret Recording

The Goospy Wireless Hidden Cameras Clock provides a simple way to hide a camera in any room. Carefully concealed within this unassuming alarm clock, you’ll find a full 1080P HD video camera, making it the best nanny camera for secret filming.

Functional Alarm Clock with Digital Display

The clock works. You can set alarms and keep track of the time. As the clock looks just like an ordinary household item, place it in the living room or children’s room without anyone detecting the clock.

Includes Motion Detection and Night Vision

The camera also works for home security. It features motion detection and night vision. You can even receive push text notifications to your phone when the motion detector gets triggered.

Mobile App for iOS and Android Devices

The camera records video to a memory card, but you can also access a live video feed on your phone or tablet. The clock connects to your WiFi network while the feed is available on a mobile app for Android and iOS devices.

From the mobile app, you can download, delete, and play back video stored on the device. The connection is available without needing to pay for a separate service.


  • No one will ever find the camera hidden inside the clock
  • The camera includes a live feed via a mobile app
  • You can record and playback videos from the microSD card
  • The camera features a powerful night vision system for recording in the dark
  • Records video with audio


  • Does not come with a microSD card
  • Does not support 5G WiFi networks

Wansview Home WiFi Camera – Best Spy Cam for Monitoring the Whole House

With the Wansview Home WiFi Camera System, you get a four pack of HD surveillance cameras. You can monitor the whole house, instead of just the living room.

Comes with Four 1080P HD Video Cameras

The four cameras are compact and record 1080P HD video. The globe-shaped cameras have power cords, requiring you to position them within reach of electrical outlets.

Each camera has a 9.8-foot cable, which may limit where you can position the cameras. If using this as a nanny cam, keep in mind that these are not hidden cameras.

While the cameras are small, they are noticeable when positioned in the corner of the room.

The cameras capture clear, vivid images and videos in any lighting conditions. They also feature two-way audio, letting you communicate through the cameras.

Easy Installation and Setup with Any WiFi Router

The cameras connect to your WiFi network to allow remote viewing. Luckily, connecting to the network is easy. Most users can get the system setup within several minutes.

As with other home security systems, this set does not support 5G WiFi networks. It works with 2.4G networks. With the slower bandwidth, the WiFi features may occasionally stop working for a few seconds every so often.

Remotely View the Camera Feeds on Your Phone

After connecting to the WiFi network, start viewing the live feed using the available mobile app. The manufacturer has its own app, but the cameras also work with many third-party camera apps.

The live feed plays in 720P HD and features audio. Click a button to start talking through the camera, from any location.


  • Four cameras allow you to cover more of the house
  • The live video feed is available using the mobile app
  • Anyone can quickly set up the monitoring system
  • Cost-effective choice, considering that you get four cameras
  • Two-way audio communication 


  • The cameras are not very discreet
  • Does not support 5G WiFi networks

Cam Mall Nanny Cam Wireless Security Camera – Best Spy Camera for Hiding Behind Other Objects

The Cam Mall Nanny Cam Wireless Security Camera is small enough to hide just about anywhere. While the camera does not resemble a household item, you can easily place it behind books, inside a box, or in your pocket.

Power the Camera with a Rechargeable Battery or Wall Plug

The camera comes equipped with a rechargeable battery pack, USB adapter, and USB cable. You can power the device with the battery or plug it directly into the wall for continuous operation.

The battery has limited capacity. It only lasts about five hours before it needs charging. When using the camera for security or keeping an eye on the nanny, plug it into the wall.

Includes Motion Detection and Loop Video Recording Features

With this security camera, you get several useful features. It includes motion detection, triggering the camera to start recording when someone walks in front of the camera.

It also features the loop video recording option. Loop recording allows for 24/7 recording. It automatically deletes the oldest video files when the memory card runs out of space.

Records 1080P HD Video with Clear Video in Bright Rooms

The camera records 1080P HD video, but it works best in well-lit rooms. While it has night vision, the low-light video looks grainy and dark. You may struggle to make out faces.

As with other cameras, it records to a microSD card. The camera supports cards up to 128GB, but doesn’t come with one.


  • The camera records video with audio
  • You can hide the tiny camera in almost anything
  • Includes live video feed through a mobile app
  • Supports loop video recording


  • Does not includes a microSD card
  • The video may appear grainy in low light settings