Best Mini Spy Cameras

Mirikkah Alvarado

by Mirikkah Alvarado

best smallest spy cameras

Are you worried about what happens at home when you’re away?

Between babysitters, utility workers, and cleaners, it’s hard to keep an eye on everyone.

You don’t know what these people are up to after you walk out of the room or house.

The stress may keep you from having a good time.

Luckily, there is a solution. With a mini spy cam, you can always see what’s going on.

You can also use tiny spy cameras as baby monitors or for on-the-go surveillance.

But finding the right camera isn’t easy.

To simplify your research, I created this roundup of the best mini spy cameras.

After thorough research, testing, and comparisons, these are your best bet for keeping a better eye on your home.

Check these out.

Best Smallest Spy Camera in 2020

MHDYT Mini Wireless Spy Camera: Best for Indoor, Outdoor Use

This camera looks like a ultra mini cube, to conceal its presence. Motion detection and night vision are the other two important characteristics of this mini spy camera.

Versatile Camera Device

You can use this camera in multiple spaces. Being wireless, it serves as the best camera for securing your house.

You can also install it at other places to shoot videos and pictures of the highest quality.

Inventive DIY Design

This mini spy camera comes with a unique design for a change. It involves mirrors as well as magnets that you can remove at your will without any complication.

Wireless Camera for Better Portability and Easy Installation

The elimination of wires is one of the important features that make the MHDYT camera even more useful. Because it is wireless, it is easy to install and carry in comparison to the cameras that are wired.

Night Vision for Identification of Objects in Low Light Conditions

Night vision helps detect objects in low light conditions. MHDYT Mini camera does a good job on this front as well. With this smart camera, you can locate the finer objects even when the light is not too good.

High-Quality Photo and Video

This camera records photos as well as videos in full high definition format. It records videos in the 1920x1080p resolution at 30 fps.

What’s more, it comes across with 4 units of IR led lights. This means you can expect crystal clear images and videos even in dark settings.

Motion Detection and Loop Recording

The motion detection technology is one of the special features of the MHDYT spy camera. It is sensitive enough to detect movement or motion and capture it, depending on how one configures it.

Another remarkable factor about the spy camera is its storage space. It is compatible with the Micro SD card.

At a minimum, it offers a storage space of 4GB. However, you can expand its memory up to 32 GB.

Decent Battery Life

A 240 mAh in-built battery powers this device for about 50 minutes with a full charge. This is the length of time for which a user can expect it to remain functional during normal use.


  • Versatility
  • Inventive Design
  • HD Images and Videos in 1920x1080P at 30fps
  • Night vision
  • Easy to Use
  • Adequate Storage Space
  • Motion Detection and Loop Recording
  • Portable
  • 24/7 Working while Charging


  • Poor Battery Backup for Heavy use
  • Auto Deletion of Photos and Videos

Puoneto Tiny Hidden Security Camera: Best Cam to Ensure Your Child’s Safety

Spy Gadgets have taken the world by storm since their inception days. One must not be fooled by their names because they are not mere weapons of defense intelligence. They have invaded multiple aspects of our lives right from lecture recording to monitoring nannies.

Nannie cams are one of the most efficient uses of spy cams because nothing can compare to your child’s safety in the hands of a practical stranger. Therefore, nanny cams are just the gadgets that working parents need to ensure that their child is safe from immediate perils.


The most important superpower for Nannie cams or spy gadgets is their ability to invisible. The modern form of invisibility is for the gadget to be tiny enough to fit in any space hidden from prying eyes.

The Puoneto is so tiny that it can fit anywhere in your house and would not be discovered that easily. It also comes in with a rotary axis, which is able to rotate a full 360° thus helping the camera to be fixed at any angle that suits best.

Two-Way Talk Feature with Smartphone App

The main USP of the product is its ability to connect and converse with your kid or pets when you are away from home in a high definition video. All you need is to download the free app, connect the camera to your Wi-Fi and then you are good to go.

Huge Storage with Incredible Battery Power

Despite its size, the camera can support huge storage space up to a maximum of 128 GBSD memory card. It also has a 1400mAH battery that can work up to 5 hours in a single charge session. It can also work on an external power bank of about 10000mAH for recordings to last for 40+ hours.

Alerts and Motion Detection

The camera able to identify even the slightest of the movements thereby making its motion detection features quite enviable. This feature, in turn, makes a great alert service and informs you immediately of any suspicious movements or activity in your home, when you are away.


  • Automatic night vision
  • Not prone to heating
  • Long battery life and standby time
  • Great motion detection features
  • Dual way audio facility
  • 150° wide-angled camera lens


  • Remote viewing feature not great
  • Incompatible with iPhone XR
  • Wi-Fi Connection to camera is troubling

ZZCP Waterproof Wireless Spy Camera: Best Choice for Outdoor Use

If you want to record outdoors, the ZZCP Waterproof Spy Camera has you covered. It comes with all the features that you’d expect in a tiny spy camera along with a waterproof case and a variety of accessories.

Waterproof Design for Outdoor Recording

You can use spy cams for more than just home security and nanny monitoring. Thanks to the waterproof design, you can use this camera for outdoor recording.

The camera comes with a plastic waterproof case, making it safe for use in situations where the camera may get wet. Safely record aquatic sports including diving, snorkeling, surfing, and swimming. You could also use it while hunting, allowing the camera app to notify when you motion gets detected.

Offers Both WiFi and No-WiFi Recording

Some spy cams only operate when connected to your WiFi network. With the ZZCP Waterproof Spy Camera, choose between WiFi mode and no-WiFi mode.

With the WiFi mode, the camera connects to the phone app. View real-time video through your Android or iOS device. You can keep an eye on your home while you’re away.

When you don’t have access to WiFi, such as when recording outdoor activities, save your video to the internal SD card. The camera supports cards up to 128GB, allowing you to store hours of video.


  • It comes with a variety of accessories for mounting the camera indoors or outdoors.
  • It features a 140-degree wide-angle lens, giving you a wider view of the surroundings, which is great for surveillance in small rooms.
  • Five people can view the same live video feed through the mobile app at the same time.


  • Some users report intermittent WiFi connection issues, which may require moving the WiFi router closer to the camera.

ZTour Smallest Hidden Spy Camera: Best Mini Size Camera

With limited hiding spots in the bathroom, you may struggle to conceal a camera. The ZTour Hidden Spy Camera makes this process easier.

Only the size of a coin, this is one of the smallest hidden cameras available.

Easily Hide the Camera Almost Anywhere

The mini size of this camera gives you more options for concealment. It measures just 1.1 x 1.1 x 0.4 inches.

You can easily hide it behind objects near the bathroom sink or on a shelf.

The camera also includes a motion sensor. If someone enters the room, the camera instantly starts recording.

Unfortunately, the device does not include a built-in battery. It needs to remain plugged into the wall.

Ensure That You See Every Detail

A hidden camera does not provide much help if you cannot see anything. To ensure that you see every detail, the camera includes IR-CUT and five-meter night vision.

With the IR-CUT, the camera automatically enables and disables night vision according to the lighting in the room.

It also records 1080P HD footage, recording in two-minute or five-minute intervals when the motion detector gets triggered.


  • Affordable Price
  • You can power the device with a mobile power supply, power socket, or car charger, giving you more ways to use the camera.
  • The camera saves the timestamp to the video footage, which is necessary when using video for forensic evidence.


  • It only supports microSD cards up to 32GB but includes loop recording to ensure that the camera keeps filming when the card runs out of space.

RZATU Mini Hidden Camera WiFi: Best Choice for Multiple Users

RZATU produces high-quality spy cameras, including this best small hidden camera.

It offers clear, sharp video in almost any lighting conditions, allowing you to make out objects in the dark. It also provides a few other features that help it stand out.

Motion Detection with Automatic Recording

While most spy cameras include motion detection, not all cameras automatically record. It’s almost pointless to have motion detection if you don’t record evidence of the intruder. With the RZATU Mini Hidden Camera, you can stop worrying.

The camera automatically begins recording. You also receive an alert via the mobile app on your Android or iOS device.

Through the mobile app, you also have the option to record video directly to your phone. Instead of having to transfer the files from the SD card to your computer, you can simply use your mobile device.

Multiple Users Can View the Same Feed

Most spy cams also allow live video feeds through mobile apps but the RZATU includes an extra feature. Up to four users can simultaneously view the same feed.

Now everyone in the household can open their phones and check in on the house.

Through the mobile app, you also have the option to record video directly to your phone. Instead of having to transfer the files from the SD card to your computer, you can simply use your mobile device.


  • The provided battery pack offers up to five hours of use on a single charge.
  • You can record and charge at the same time instead of needing to wait.
  • The small size makes it easy to hide behind other objects or in your pocket.


  • It only supports microSD cards up to 32GB, which offer about eight hours of HD footage.
  • The 90-degree viewing angle is narrower compared to most spy cams, which may limit your field of view.

PORTOCAM WF98 Mini Wifi Camera: Best Camera for Versatile Surveillance

Compact and easy to use perfectly describe the Conbrov WF98 Mini WiFi Camera. It’s the world’s smallest WiFi camera and includes a magnetic bracket for mounting it on any magnetic surface.

Quick and Simple WiFi Connection

Setting up the WiFi and using the mobile app are the biggest hassles of using WiFi spy cameras. Conbrov solved this dilemma with the design of the WF98 Mini WiFi Camera.

After unboxing the product and plugging it in, you can instantly turn it on and connect it to your WiFi network. Within minutes, you can start viewing the live feed through the mobile app on your smartphone or tablet.

Compact Design Provides a Versatile Solution

Everyone has different needs when it comes to the best smallest spy camera. With the WF98, you can use the camera for almost any type of discreet surveillance.

Easily hide it inside a room to use it as a nanny cam. Attach it to your car’s dash for a convenient dashboard camera.

You can even position it in your living room as a home security monitoring system. Through the mobile app, you can receive instant notifications when the motion detector gets triggered.


  • Features a compact design measuring less than an inch on each side so you can hide this almost anywhere
  • Offers 24/7 live monitoring via the Mini Wifi Cam mobile app on your smartphone or tablet
  • Supports loop recording but doesn’t come with an SD card for storing video


  • Doesn’t record the clearest video in low-light situations
  • Must contact the manufacturer to receive an update to record audio


What is a mini hidden camera?

A mini hidden camera is a small video recorder which can be hidden inside a product or an electronic component and used to record video for later viewing in the form of still images. It can be used to secretly record a person's conversation, a meeting, or an internal conversation in a business setting.

The Mini hidden cameras have been designed to be small, lightweight, and inconspicuous. They are also very durable and can withstand the rigors of everyday use. The Mini Hidden Camera can be used to record and/or record video in any location, including indoors, outdoors, or in vehicles. It can also record audio, which is ideal for recording conversations.

The mini hidden camera is usually small and compact enough to fit inside a key chain or key ring, or it can even be used in an electronic system, such as a digital camera, to record a meeting, internal discussion, or video. Some miniature cameras can also be built into devices like digital cameras and video cameras, video game consoles, handheld digital cameras, and handheld digital recording devices.

Mini hidden cameras can also be used to secretly record video. If you are using a miniature hidden camera for surveillance purposes, it is important that you use a hidden camera that does not have any video function. There are a variety of options to build a miniature hidden camera to fit inside a key chain. The first options which I will mention are based on building a key chain device into a key ring, and building a device into an electronic device. Both of these options require an assembly process, as you will see, but they also offer some benefits for the user of the device.

I have found that building a mini hidden camera can be a challenging endeavor, as there are a few options that you need to decide upon beforehand. The first option is to build the miniature hidden camera into an electronic device. This option is usually the easiest and cheapest method for your to get a hidden camera, but does have a few disadvantages compared with the other options.

  1. The only options with a video function are the key chain cameras. The key chain cameras do not have video capability and, as you may know, the key chain camera is not a good fit for electronic devices. The electronic devices usually have a small video function but do not usually offer video.
  2. You will need tools to build your mini hidden camera into your electronic device. Depending on the electronic device that you purchase, you will want to purchase the following: a soldering iron, a wire stripper, and some solder.
  • For other different option of best mini spy cameras, you can visit link and read our reviews.