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Mirikkah Alvarado

by Mirikkah Alvarado

Spy cams help give peace of mind, but what happens when someone spots the device?

You’ll likely need to prepare for an awkward encounter.

Unfortunately, hiding a camera indoors isn’t always easy.

If you want to keep the camera hidden, look for spy cams disguised as everyday objects.

You can easily hide the camera in an open area, without it getting detected. People will just assume it’s another typical household electronic.

So, which camera should you get?

To save you from needing to look at dozens of options, I’ve narrowed your search for the best indoor spy cameras.

Let's compare these spy cameras.

WNAT Spy Camera Bluetooth SpeakersBest for Viewing a Large Space

Discreet, compact, and functional perfectly describe this spy camera from WNAT. The working Bluetooth speaker includes an undetectable HD camera for remote indoor monitoring.

Listen to Music

The functioning speakers wirelessly connect to Bluetooth-enabled devices, allowing you or guests to listen to music. Unsuspecting individuals can even use the speakers without detecting the camera.

With the built-in battery, you also have the option of setting it up wirelessly. On a full charge, you get a respectable five to six hours of use.

Pan to the Left or Right

If you have a large room, this camera offers one of the best solutions for getting a better view. Instead of a narrow field of view, the PTZ lens lets you remotely pan to the left or the right.

Through the Android or iOS mobile app, you can rotate the camera 180 degrees. This lets you set it away from the wall and still see everything.

Remote Monitoring

The WNAT features remote monitoring with a simple WIFI configuration that you can set up within minutes. Whenever you are worried about your kids or pets, simply connect to the camera via the mobile app.

For home security usage, you can also rely on the motion detector. Set it to record video and send instant notification when it detects movement.


  • Records clear, sharp 1080P video
  • Supports 128GB microSD cards
  • Pick 3-minute to 20-minute video clips
  • Live video feed includes audio
  • Offers loop recording and time-lapse recording


  • Does not have night vision
  • May lose WIFI signal when battery powered

DEVINEEAGLE Spy Camera ChargerBest for Quick Setup

With the MyEagleEyes Spy Cam, you get a USB charger and a better view of the room compared to other plug-and-record spy cameras.

Mini Functional USB Charger

Spy cameras such as this always provide the best solution for hiding a camera in plain sight, as it looks like a regular USB wall charger. It even works like one, too. Charge your electronics while capturing 1080P HD video.

The camera doesn’t include WIFI, but it provides the simplest setup. You just insert a microSD card, plug it into an outlet, and wait for the movement to trigger the motion detector.

See More of the Room

Unlike other USB camera chargers, you get a complete view of the room. Most other options provide a 45-degree vertical field of view, while the MyEagleEyes camera gives you a 90-degree view.

You can also record sharp video at night. Thanks to the quality night vision and lens, the camera films crystal-clear video, instead of dark blurs.

Advanced Motion Detection

While most spy cameras include motion detection, this USB camera charger can detect the tiniest movements. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your camera is ready to record at any moment.

As soon as the camera detects movements, it begins recording 1080P video to a microSD card for later playback. It also offers support for 32GB microSD cards.

As soon as the camera detects movements, it begins recording 1080P video to a microSD card for later playback. It also offers support for 32GB microSD cards.


  • Loop recording for 24/7 protection
  • Fully functional USB wall charger
  • Night vision with clear video in low light settings
  • No wires or complicated installation process


  • Does not include WIFI connectivity for live feed
  • Does not record audio

Facamword Spy Camera Photo FrameBest for Wireless Surveillance

Facamword produces some of the best spy cameras for indoor use, known for hiding cameras in ordinary objects. With this option, you can easily add a beautiful digital photo frame to your home and keep an eye on things.

No Wires and Powerful Battery

Unlike some wireless spy cams, this device truly allows you to set it up without needing an outlet or power bank. It includes a large-capacity internal battery delivering 4000mAh.

When fully charged, the camera can keep recording for six to seven hours.

Setting up the WIFI connection is also straightforward, eliminating the usual hassle that comes with using a spy cam.

Protection and Peace of Mind

The photo frame design makes the camera almost completely undetectable, letting you hide in plain sight. Set it on a shelf or mantle to get a complete view of the room and you’ll never miss anything.

As a WIFI-enabled device, you can also remotely check in on your home. Simply use the mobile app to connect to the camera and start the live feed.

Motion Detection and Night Vision

Instead of using the live video stream, you can wait to receive an instant notification from the motion detector. Choose between 10 and 60-second video clips for when the motion detector gets triggered.


  • Comes with a 12-month warranty
  • Records audio and video together
  • Powerful WIFI antenna with 32-foot range
  • Supports iOS, Android, Windows PC, and Mac Book
  • Supports 128GB microSD cards


  • Saves video as AVI instead of MP4 or MKV
  • Slightly limited 110-degree viewing angle

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