Best Hidden Car Cameras

Mirikkah Alvarado

by Mirikkah Alvarado

best hidden car camera

When you are involved in a car accident, it’s often your word against that of the other driver.

When you are involved in a car accident, it’s often your word against that of the other driver.

For both situations, video evidence helps.

So, how do you discreetly record this evidence? With the help of the best hidden car cameras.

Easily conceal an HD camera in your vehicle, allowing it to automatically start recording when triggered.

First, you need to find a suitable camera.

That’s why I’ve put together the following list of spy cams for vehicles. These options provide the best solutions for securing your car, truck, or SUV.

Consider the following choices.

Best Hidden Cameras For Cars in 2020

Lilexo Mini CameraBest Portable Covert Camera for Car

The market has a variety of products that tend to monitor and secure vehicles but Lilexo Mini Camera is providing high capabilities and flexibility to fit in cars.

Lilexo Mini Cam is easy to use and very compact in size with a magnetic strip.

Vehicle Friendly

Due to Lilexo’s camera compact size which can easily go in your pocket, it has a wide range of applications.

It can easily make use of its magnetic strip on the back to be hung anywhere. This compact cam can be hung in the car to protect it and monitor the driving of the driver to make sure it’s safe.

Vehicles can make great use of its size and flexibility to be deployed anywhere in securing the car and monitoring continuously in case an accident happens and documented footage was needed as well.

It is widely used currently by parents to hang it in the rooms of their children to make sure they are safe and sound. Besides that, monitoring offices and gates at night is always possible with these mini cams.

Recording at Dark Places due to Night Vision Capability

Another feature that makes the Lilexo cam stand out is the night vision feature.

It has full HD 120° wide-angle lens and night vision led lights enabling it to record in HD in all lighting conditions. At the end of the day, it produces high quality imaging with1080P.

The ability to simultaneously work fine while being charged at the same time is also remarkable.

This feature is very useful as it helps drivers with weak eye sight as well during dark nights.

Motion Detection and Accident Avoidance

Lilexo cam can make use of the motion detection feature in addition to the anti-shaking technology to detect any intrusion to a private space or building or the car it’s installed in.

If the camera detects a moving body around the vehicle which could be a person or an animal, it will alarm the driver where he can dodge them.


  • Very easy to use
  • Compact in Size 
  • Magnetic strip on the back to hang anywhere
  • Stable Anti-shaking technology 
  • Full HD 120° wide-angle lens and night vision led lights 
  • Recording capability while being charged simultaneously.
  • Motion Detection Capability


  • MicroSD not included.
  • No Audio

ENJI Mini Wireless Car Video RecorderBest for Discreet Car Monitoring

With the ENJI Mini Wireless Car Video Recorder, you get one of the smallest spy cams. You can easily hide this in your vehicle, making it a top consideration for spy car camera monitoring.

Compact Design Hides a Powerful HD Camera

The hidden car camera needs to remain small enough to hide in discreet spots. At less than two inches, you shouldn’t experience any trouble trying to conceal this camera.

Despite the small size, it still packs a powerful camera lens. If you’re collecting video for evidence, you want to ensure that you have a clear view of the culprits. The camera offers 1080P HD video with exceptional clarity for such a small camera.

Easy to Use Design with 24/7 Recording

When looking for the best hidden cameras for cars protection, you should find an option that offers continuous monitoring. The ENJI Mini Wireless Camera has you covered, thanks to loop recording, motion detection, and night vision with six LED lights.

If any movement is detected, the camera starts recording. While the max microSD card only allows for 100 minutes of footage, loop recording ensures 24/7 coverage when the card runs out of storage space.


  • As it doesn’t connect to WiFi, the camera can record audio with the video footage.
  • Besides using this camera in your car, you can use it for any surveillance, including home or business monitoring.
  • When connected to a computer via USB, you can use the camera as a webcam.


  • Doesn’t support microSD cards with over 32GB of storage, limiting the amount of footage you can record.
  • As the camera doesn’t include a WiFi connection, you cannot view a live video feed.

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 for car

Lawmate Covert Keychain Fob CameraBest for Discrete Use

The Lawmate covert keychain fob camera is a hidden video camera/standard camera that looks like a car keyfob. This camera is incredibly discrete and is ideal for covert recording.

While it is very small it is actually a pretty good camera. It is 1080p, and it records images which are crisp and clear.

The camera is held in the palm of your hand and you can push a button to record. There is a vibration alert when you do this, which is less noticeable than a shutter sound.

The audio quality is good for such a small size, and it can store up to 16GB of video so you can record for a long time. Just set the camera off, leave your keys on the desk, and you're good to go.

If you need to capture something discretely, this hidden camera is far less likely to get spotted than a small camera so it is well worth the price.


  • 1080p for clear images
  • Tiny pinhole for the camera means the recording will not be noticed
  • Looks like a standard car keyfob


  • More expensive than a simple hidden camera
  • Smaller viewing angle because of the small size of the lens

AUKEY Hidden Car Camera with AudioBest for Capturing Evidence During a Crash

How do you capture the details of a car accident? Make sure that you have the best spy camera for car with a gravity sensor. The AUKEY Hidden Car Camera with Audio includes this feature, along with several additional benefits to help protect your vehicle.

Easily Install and Setup the Dashboard Camera

One of the details to look for in the spy camera for car accident protection is the ease of use. The AUKEY Hidden Camera provides a simple solution, easily securing to the windshield with double-sided 3M pads.

You also won’t need to worry about the camera running out of battery life. It’s powered via the standard 12/24V car charger socket.

Gravity Sensor Starts Recording upon Impact

While ease of use is important for finding the secret camera for car protection, you also need a G-sensor. The gravity sensor in this device detects sudden impacts and instantly begins recording.

With the 170-degree angle lens, you also get a wide view of the surroundings, helping to capture more of the road. In addition, the camera automatically locks these videos, preventing accidental deletion.


  • The powerful Sony Exmor IMX323 sensor records sharp HD footage during the day or night.
  • Besides a gravity sensor, the camera also includes motion detection mode, allowing you to capture break-ins or acts of vandalism.
  • The camera comes with a USB cable, so you can easily transfer stored footage to your computer.


  • Doesn’t include WiFi connectivity but does allow audio recording.
  • Doesn’t include GPS tracking for adding GPS data to videos for better evidence collection.

VAVA Dash Cam with GPSBest for Capturing Speed and Location During a Crash

Do you want the hidden camera for car crashes? You should try to find a camera that includes GPS data, such as the VAVA dash cam.

Playback Your Travel Log with the Built-in GPS

Video evidence helps when filing an insurance claim, but insurance companies still find ways to avoid paying. With the VAVA Dash Cam, the built-in GPS tracks and logs your every movement, including speed and location.

You can playback the log through the VAVA Dash App on your phone or tablet. These details make this camera a top candidate for the spy camera for car crash monitoring. GPS logging is also a fun way to track your routes and monitor mileage.

Swivel Mount Allows 360-Degree Positioning

With the VAVA Dash Cam, you can position the camera in any direction. It includes a 360-degree swivel mount for capturing footage inside or outside the car, making it the best hidden car camera for recording in-car conversations.

Besides these useful features, the VAVA Dash Cam includes everything needed for complete car monitoring. It offers loop recording and a G-sensor, ensuring that you will always have video during an accident.

You can also snap photos with the press of a button or connect the camera to your phone via WiFi connectivity and the mobile app.


  • Provides clear audio recording inside the car, for recording yourself singing along to your favorite songs on the radio.
  • The camera features a quality sensor and night vision for recording clear footage at night or during stormy weather.
  • With the built-in WiFi, you can access camera settings, snap photos, and view your GPS data.


  • The large size of the camera may block part of the windshield and makes the camera less discreet.

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