Best Hidden Cameras with Audio

Mirikkah Alvarado

by Mirikkah Alvarado

When you’re not at home, there’s no telling what your kids or pets are up to.

Even if you have a sitter, how much can you really trust this person?

Besides these common concerns, you may also need to worry about increased break-ins in your area. 

These issues may make you feel over-stressed and unable to relax.

If you want to leave your worries behind, consider leaving a spy camera hidden in the living room.

You just need to choose the camera that best suits your needs. 

To narrow your search, I’ve found a selection of the best hidden cameras with audio and live streaming on your phone or tablet.

Start comparing these cameras now.

CleverFox Mini Hidden CameraBest for Recording Extreme Sports and Drone Footage

Spy cameras are useful for more than just recording your home. With the CleverFox, you get one of the most versatile hidden cameras. It’s a durable little device that captures 720P or 1080P HD footage with audio.

Features a Durable Design for Outdoor Use

When you buy this spy camera with audio, you will get a versatile device for use in a variety of settings.

While most people are interested in these cameras for monitoring the home or office, you can also use the CleverFox Mini Camera for recording events, such as extreme sports.

Unlike most spy cameras, you don’t need to purchase a separate microSD card. The camera features 32GB of built-in memory, allowing you to store hours of video.

The durable, compact design allows you to attach the camera to your helmet, bike, or drone. 

If the camera falls or you crash, there is less risk of damaging the lens or internal components.

Two-Button Operation for Simple Control

If you hate dealing with complicated controls, you’ll love the CleverFox Camera. It only has two buttons.

While the simple design limits the available features, it makes the camera easier to operate. This is great when using the camera for recording outdoor sports.

The camera does not offer WiFi connectivity. You won’t get a live video feed, but you will get one of the top choices for HD spy cam.


  • Includes the standard hidden camera recording features, including night vision and loop recording.
  • You can select between 720P and 1080P recording. Using the lower resolution setting allows you to store more footage on the microSD card.
  • The easy to follow instructions and two-button operation ensure that you get this camera set up within seconds.


  • Doesn’t include WiFi connectivity or a lot of extra features, such as adjusting the camera settings.

ENJI Hidden Car CameraBest for Concealing in Any Spot

The ENJI Hidden Car Camera provides one of the best solutions for concealing a camera in any location. The compact design allows you to stick it in the corner of your car, on a bookshelf, or behind a plant to protect your home, business, or vehicle.

Simple to Use Operation and Compact Design

The camera has a compact design and simple controls. You don’t need to deal with a complicated WiFi connection. You simply add a microSD card, charge the battery, and start recording.

It’s a simple solution for discreetly recording babysitters, nannies, or employees.

Besides using as a security device, you can use the camera for a variety of situations. Connect it to your remote helicopter or drone to capture aerial footage. You can also keep it in the car or use it as a webcam on your computer.

Record Clear Video and Audio in Any Setting

Due to privacy laws, it’s harder to find the hidden cam with audio. Luckily, the ENJI Hidden Car Camera allows you to capture both video and audio.

As the camera doesn’t have a WiFi connection, you don’t get remote monitoring. However, you can trust the camera to capture footage for you, thanks to the motion detector, night vision, and loop recording.


  • One of the few options that can record audio and video together.
  • The low price provides an affordable way to start recording video in your home, office, or car.
  • The night vision sensor offers clear footage of objects and people during the night or when recording in the rain.


  • Only supports microSD cards up to 32GB in size, allowing you to store about 100 minutes of footage before loop recording kicks in.

This wireless hidden camera is a portable 'spy cam' with internal storage and a cloud storage option, which means it is great for using on the go. It has a night vision mode which makes images crystal clear even when the camera is used in the dark.

The two-way audio lets you communicate with people through the camera, so it is handy to set up at home and 'check in' with your family while you're away. In the era of Skype and Facetime this may not be as useful as it sounds, however.

The camera offers good image quality and a wide field of view. High-quality compression adds to the package and makes this a good budget wireless camera for night-time use around the home.


  • 3000mAh battery allows you to record for 10-15 hours before recharging
  • Night vision mode makes dark images super clear
  • Store images on a flash card or upload to the cloud
  • Works while charging, so you can record for up to 24 hours a day


  • Setting up cloud/remote monitoring can be confusing 
  • It's small, but black and boxy so not very discrete

FREDI-PP2 Wifi USB Wall Charger Camera – Best for Hiding a Camera in Plain Sight

Many hidden cameras come in small packages, making them easy to hide, but they’re still detectable. With the FREDI-PP2, no one will notice that you have a camera in the room, thanks to the USB charger design.

Functional USB Charger for Complete Discretion

The FREDI-PP2 looks the same as any other USB wall charger. As everyone uses devices that require USB charging, the camera should go completely unnoticed, even if someone is looking for a hidden camera.

Just above the USB port, you’ll see a tiny pinhole. That’s where the camera lens remains hidden in plain sight, making it one of the best HD spy cameras with audio for easy concealment.

WiFi Connectivity Allows Mobile Snapshots and Alerts

To find the best hidden camera with audio, you often need to choose a camera without a WiFi connection. With the FREDI-PP2, you get both options.

You can listen to the audio and access the camera remotely. It sends push notifications and takes a snapshot when the motion detector is triggered.

You can even view a live video feed, but with the latest update, the camera no longer supports recording audio to the microSD card. You only hear audio when listening through the mobile app.


  • The camera includes loop recording, recording over the oldest video files to allow 24/7 monitoring.
  • Supports microSD cards up to 128GB in size, providing more than enough storage space for hours of footage.
  • The camera offers surprisingly vivid and clear video, even when recording in a dimly lit room.


  • The 75-degree lens limits your field of view, requiring you to carefully position the camera.

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