Best Spy Camera for Bathroom

Mirikkah Alvarado

by Mirikkah Alvarado

Want to know if your cleaner is snooping through the bathroom?

Are you concerned about your kids getting into the medicine cabinets?

With a carefully positioned hidden camera, you can stop wondering and get answers.

best bathroom spy camera

Unfortunately, the bathroom does not leave a lot of places for hiding a camera. If you want the camera to remain hidden, you need something easy to conceal.

You may even want a camera with WiFi connectivity for remote monitoring of the bathroom.

To help find the perfect solution, I have created a list of the top contenders for the best spy camera for bathroom. 

Check out these choices.

TT-Createch Waterproof Mini Hidden Spy Camera: Best for Hiding in Different Places

Small and unnoticeable, but with unmatched video, picture, and audio quality. It is also quite versatile and has a myriad of uses.

Mini But Resourceful Cube Camera

Most spy cameras lack versatility as they are built into devices. As such, they work only in situations where those devices are relevant.

Well, the TT-Createch camera is the best bathroom spy camera that goes against the grain. You can use it in your home, car, on your drone, in your warehouse, in the bedroom, bathroom or even in your collar or pocket.

Well, it all boils down to the size. First, it measures 0.8-inches, making it inconspicuous.

The weight also helps increase versatility. Seeing as it weighs 0.7-ounces, a drone can carry it with ease.

The TT-Createch happens to be a wireless spy camera, but it only records video onto an SD card. You will have to download the video into a PC to watch.

Adding to the discretion, it is battery-powered, and it can last up to 50-minutes when loop-recording.

Finally, the TT-Createch camera supports waterproof shell + base. Hence, it is waterproof, giving it an edge over the competition. I do not say you should use it underwater, but yes, it can work underwater.

Sensitive Motion Sensor

While it supports loop recording (more on this shortly), it has a motion detector; thus, it provides video on demand.

The motion detector ensures the device only records when necessary ensuring that the battery can last longer. And this is quite vital as the battery can only last for 50-minutes of continuous use.

As for loop recording, it supports SD cards up to 32-GB. It will also overwrite the oldest footage in case the SD card is full.

Remarkable Night Vision

Where other spy cameras struggle with night vision, this mini hidden camera excels. Thanks to IR (infrared) lights, the camera can capture clear images in low light conditions.

Crisp Images, Video, and Audio

A spy camera is only as good as the quality of the video and images it captures. Well, the TT-Createch captures HD 1080P photos at 30 frames per second.

Add audio to that quality, and you can be sure of unmatched security. Finally, it has a wide-angle at 150-degrees.


  • Light Weight
  • Small and versatile 
  • Reasonably priced 
  • Wireless
  • IR lights for night vision
  • Auto Motion Detection
  • Waterproof


  • Short battery life
  • Not Support Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

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NANIBO Clothes Hook Mini Spy Camera: Best Budget-Friendly Camera

The NANIBO Clothes Hook Mini Spy Camera is a stealthy, streamlined clothes hook design with a hidden mic, on/off button, USB port, and camera. 

The 1080HD camera easily switches between recording to snapshot mode and its side recording compatibility ensures that we see every corner of the room.

Convenient Design

We loved the simple design and can see people using this in all kinds of ways, from front porches to bedrooms and bathrooms. The NANIBO camera has motion detection and can loop recordings, which is perfect for nabbing intruders. The SD card holder ensured us that we could transfer the images or recordings to our computer later on.

Practical and Powerful

There’s no use having a hidden camera if it’s cumbersome and poor-quality. Fortunately, the built-in lithium battery is rechargeable and reliable and can record for hours at a time. 

The downside is that it doesn’t support audio so its practicality is limited. Even so, it captured decent video and images in low light, which is one of the top benefits of a best hidden camera for bathroom.

Safety on the Go

The size of this mini camera makes it perfect for travel, especially when staying in hotel rooms, and it’s good for ensuring that houseguests don’t meddle in your personal belongings. 

We would have appreciated a mobile app but for the price, this is a great mini spy camera.


  • Affordability
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
  • Secretive design
  • HD-quality videos


  • No support for audio
  • No app

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Unless you are looking for it, one cannot tell that this is a camera; and being a light bulb, it is the definition of discreet. It is also packed with features that will keep your home safe.

Smart Hidden Design

One shortcoming with most spy cameras is that their batteries run out eventually, compromising the security of your homes or pets. This is not the case with the Oltec spy camera.

Well, it is an actual bulb but not only that, it has a spy camera. The camera relies on the power to the bulb providing 24-hr security without any downtime.

Though it is an actual bulb, you will be disappointed if you expect to flip a switch and the lights go on. You have to turn the light on and off through the app, so as not to cut the power to the camera.

Another intriguing design feature is that there is zero assembly required. The intuitive design eliminates the need for adaptors and assembly.

As for the footage, it can store it on a USD card up to 64GB, or live stream through the app. As for SD-stored footage, you can set it to stop recording or overwrite old records once the SD-card is full.

This covert camera has built-in microphone and speaker that allow you to talk from phone to the camera and vice versa.

Fish Eye Lens for Full Views

The OLTEC smart spy camera solves another common camera problem. It excels in the fact that it has a 360-degree wide-angle view with no blind spots. You can tell what is happening in your home.

Remote Control with Intuitive ICSee App

The only way to control the Oltec camera is through the ICSee app, which is on Google and Apple app stores. Furthermore, you need 2.4GHz Wi-Fi for it to work.

With the motion detector, you can set it to live-stream footage to your phone. It also has push notifications should it detect movement.

You can connect up to 4-bulbs to the app, though you can only view footage from one camera at a time. You can also connect up to 4-phones to one camera.

Full HD Video to See Smallest Details

All images and video are 1080P. It automatically takes clear pictures in low light conditions by its LED light.

You can also rotate the pictures, so you need not worry about the angle. By and large, you will capture even the tiniest detail.


  • 360 degree Angle of View
  • Two Way Audio
  • Automatic motion detection
  • Auto Night Mode
  • Intuitive app
  • Support 24/7 Recording


  • not support audio Recording
  • only control it through the app

PalmVID WiFi Air Cleaner Hidden Camera: Best for Hiding in Plain Sight

The main concern when placing a camera in the bathroom is whether anyone can detect it. You should not need to worry with the PalmVID Camera.

Thanks to the air cleaner design, it is the best bathroom spy camera for concealment in plain sight. With the operating fan, people will assume that the device is a real air purifier.

Eliminate Your Worries with the Live Feed

You do not want to wait until you get home to find out that your children got into the medicine cabinet. Using the WiFi connectivity on the PalmVID Camera, you can view a live feed to check in.

The camera also provides instant notifications to your phone when the motion detector gets triggered.

Record up to 250 Hours of Footage

Most hidden cameras record to an internal microSD card but may only support 32GB to 128GB cards. While you need to buy the card separately, the PalmVID Camera supports cards up to 256GB, ensuring that you never run out of space.

With 256GB of internal storage, you can store over 24 hours of HD footage. When using a lower resolution setting, a 256GB card can hold up to 250 hours of footage.

If you happen to run out of space, the camera uses loop recording to keep filming.


  • It features a wide-angle lens, which helps provide a wider view in tight spaces such as a bathroom.
  • It includes WiFi connectivity with a mobile app, featuring live viewing and recording.
  • It comes with a free two-year warranty and lifetime technical support with no subscriptions.


  • The higher price may not suit your budget for a hidden bathroom camera.

Discretion is the name of the game, and few items do it as well as the Kamre spy camera. It will for sure, keep your pets, kids, and property safe without it standing out.

Mini DIY Pinhole Camera can fit in any space

The KAMRE spy camera is not designed to be sleek. It is odd-looking, but it is designed to fit in any space without attracting attention.

It has three components, the camera, which is connected to the battery, and an antenna. Odd, yes, but it works. In addition, you can use it to make your own hidden bathroom camera that you want.

24-hr Round Security

With a 600Mah battery, you can expect it to last up to 90-minutes of continuous use. But you can connect the camera to an outlet and be sure it will record for 24-hrs straight. It also supports power banks if you are to use it in areas without outlets.

Now, most spy cameras are battery-powered and need to be charged. Well, the Kamre is no different only that it still works while charging.

Only Wi-Fi Pinhole Camera has Night Vision Feature

The KAMRE spy camera is a well-rounded device. It takes crisp and clear images and videos during the day, and it has night vision for recording video at night.

It works with six pcs infrared lights that are barely visible to the eye. Your uninvited guest will not know what hit them.

It also has a motion detector that will send push notifications to your phone and automatically takes three photos and keep them in the app.

As for the angle, it is 90-degrees, and it is best you put it in the corner of the house.

Finally, you can store the videos on an SD card. The camera supports SD cards up to 64GB and overwrites old files if it is full.

Intuitive App on Multi Platform

The only way to control the Kamre spy camera is through the WinCamPro app, the HDMiniCam app for iPhone, Android smartphone, laptop or IPMultiView for Windows 10 tablet, which are quite intuitive.

First, you can simply scan the QR code, and it will direct you to the appropriate app. You will know what is going on in your home.

First, you can simply scan the QR code, and it will direct you to the appropriate app. You will know what is going on in your home.

The cam also support multi-view in the app and multi-user can connect to it at the same time.


  • Can Make DIY Hidden Camera
  • Support 24/7 Recording
  • Easy to setup
  • Cross-platform support
  • Always connected
  • Portable
  • Responsive technical support
  • Versatile


  • No Audio Recording
  • Not Include SD card
  • Video gets shaky if there is movement 

WEMLB WiFi Wall Charger Covert Camera: Best Camera for Live Monitoring

No one would ever suspect to find one of the best spy cameras inside a phone charger.

The WEMLB WiFi Wall Charger Covert Camera looks like a regular USB charger that you plug into an electrical outlet.

USB Charger That Really Charges Devices

The functional USB charger houses a camera. No wires or complicated setup.

You simply plug the device into a regular electrical outlet. After powering it on, follow the instructions from your computer, laptop, or phone to set up the WiFi connection.

The USB port is at the bottom of the charger. The camera does not come with a cable, but it works with any standard USB charging cable.

Live Remote Viewing Via Mobile App

Setup is easy and within minutes you can start viewing the live feed on your phone. The mobile app is easy to use, allowing remote viewing everywhere you go.

Through the mobile app, you can also play back recorded video. The WEMLB camera stores video clips on a microSD card purchased separately.

1080P HD Video with Rotating Head

The video looks great. It records full 1080P HD video. Even in low-light settings, the footage is clear with minimal noise.

With the 180-degree rotating head, you can also adjust the direction of the camera to pan around the room.

However, electrical outlets are often near the ground. In small rooms, the location of the outlet may keep you from getting a complete view.


  • Offers live video feed with the mobile app
  • The camera can rotate up to 180 degrees
  • The device is a functional USB charger
  • Compatible with third-party video apps


  • Doesn’t always provide a full view of the room
  • May occasionally lose WiFi connectivity


When choosing the best spy camera for bathroom out of these three choices, we would go with the NANIBO Clothes Hook Mini Spy Camera. We loved that it wasn’t obvious and it was something that we could take around with us while traveling.

Even though it lacked audio recording, the video and image quality was decent and the price can’t be beat. We found that we didn’t even miss that there wasn’t an accompanying app, especially since this mini spy camera was so easy to use.

All of the parts were clear on the backside of the unit, we didn’t have to plug it in, and installation couldn’t have been easier.

The hardest part about having a spy camera is keeping it hidden. The NANIBO was easy to install and didn’t require any plugs or cords so it made for a good choice.