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iShotify - like our slogan "Cameratastic from Cameraized Man" - will provide you with all the Camera-related information you need to know! Whether it is a DSLR, action camera or a hidden spy camera.

We know how difficult it is to research about a camera prior to buying it. Most of us don’t have time to go through all the available options. So, we tend to buy what we are recommended by the people around us. Many a time, it so happens that we go for buying a product, but we end up with nothing.

So to end all your worries and concerns, we at iShotify, review and recommend the best of the best cameras! Adding to that, we also give you definitive tutorials to make you aware about the installation and operating different types of cameras!

So consider you’re trying to figure out which camera would suit your needs perfectly or are learning to use them. Looking at our website will surely help you with it!

How do we test products?

iShotify has the best range of digital camera specially picked for you from a huge varieties available in the world!

Merely knowing the specifications and the brand of the cameras isn’t enough. All of us need to know the real insights of the workings of the camera!

We have streamlined research process that allows us to give you perfectly unbiased and real opinions of the quality of cameras. Since, we are not devoted to any brand of cameras, we are able to test every brand equally well.

To start with, we carry out an exhaustive research of all the camera types available in the market. Considering various parameters, we handpick the best ones.

We buy these best camera models offered by different brands and spend weeks trying to see how they work. Usually, we buy 2-3 camera models at once. Our team members personally use the cameras and document their pros and cons. With a keen eye for details, we analyse, compare & contrast between different camera types, brand & specifications. We believe that making you aware about the negatives as well as positives can help you to make a wise buying decision.

New digital products and models with upgraded specifications are constantly being produced. So, we work incessantly towards providing you with honest reviews. Moreover, once the review is published on our website, we even keep updating and revising it owing to the needs of the time. Thanks to the ever changing technology, folks! This method ensures us to give you 100% authentic reviews about different models as well as brands.

Different cameras have distinct working and characteristics. So, for you to know and understand how to use and maintain it properly, we make videos! Seeing is believing. And after all, investing money in something demands it to be used properly!

In short: We provide you with the best buying guides, and definitive tutorials on how to use the digital lens.

About the Founder

Mirikkah Alvarado

iShotify was founded by Mirikkah Alvarado on January 1st, 2019 at 937 Forest Ave Staten Island, NY, USA. Mirikkah was born on 24th October 1985.

Since his childhood, he had been fascinated with how the world looks through the eyes of camera. As curious person at heart, he started exploring the world of digital lens right from a young age. Reading about them, documenting about them became his hobbies.

 A curious person at heart, he started exploring the world of digital lens right from a young age. Reading about them, documenting about them became his hobbies.

As he grew up, he noticed that various types and brands of cameras have emerged. With sizes ranging from your finger-tip to the ones you need to hold in both hands, from the ones you need a stand to keep on to the ones that can fly using a remote: technology has marveled at making these.

One by one, he started reviewing each camera types’ pros and cons. Seeing the wide variety of applications and uses, Mirikkah finally decided to launch a website so that everyone gets to know about his passion, the cameras.